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The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.356 - 11 December, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.356 11 December, 2014

Sonic Waveform - the table editor for SWF data now includes a depth shifting option.

IMAGELog and Dip Analysis (Stereonet) - control for the displayed pick sets has been enhanced. Users may now explicitly choose to add linear features, breakouts, or vugs to the displayed pick set. Pick computations, if used, will only apply to the primary pick set. Other display options apply in the same way to all active data sets.  Rose diagram displays will use the size control as configured for the primary pick set.

Data Loading - a problem adding a curve suffix name when loading irregularly sampled curves from ASCII data has been resolved.

DLIS Loading - a mislabeled option on the Convenience Tab of the Curve Load Control option has been corrected. This option permits the user to load "fast" channel data in its entirety when loading DLIS data.

General - a crash in well collections has been fixed.

TS 7.355 - 4 December, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.355 04 December, 2014

Formation View - Borehole Visualizer - some work has been added to make it easier to set the view angle. One can now left click on a desired MD as the view centerpoint. A toggle for resolution control has been added. Performance may suffer at full resolution since the entire image is accessed while producing the drawing.

Sonic Waveform - a frequency dispersion tracking option has been added to the right-click menu of Sonic Waveform tracks. If the frequency dispersion has already been computed, performance will be improved by "using saved values".

General - ASCII File Editing - when editing some auxiliary well data files, including the pick files, the depth column is "static" so it will always be displayed even if the table has been scrolled to the right. Depending on the file type, more than one column may be 'fixed'.

IMAGELog - a problem when right clicking to add facies/lithology beds (not terminating properly leading potentially to an extra bed being inserted) has been resolved.

IMAGELog - one can optionally now have a cross-hair cursor rather than an arrow while configuring a track. There is a new Cursor Mode setting on the Track Setup panel for this.

Dip Analysis - cumulative dip and azimuth vector displays now display an "N = " count.

Well Data Management - X and Y coordinates now appear as part of the well data management table.

Data Loading - the LAS loader can now automatically append data to an existing image file.

IMAGELog - one can now edit well stratigraphy data (.STR files) interactively via right click, "grabbing" the top or bottom.  One can also add new entries using the Add Feature menu item.

General - a "preferences" option has been added which initially fits restored IMAGELog template displays to the width of the window. A "Fit Width" powerbar option is also now available.

Sonic Waveform - initial support for the Halliburton Array Sonic Tool and Schumberger Thrubit data has been added.

IMAGELog - a new "length" option allows the user to calculate a selected depth interval. Left click on a curve track, hold and release at the end of the interval. Then right click and select Report Interval to see the distance.

Sonic Waveform - merging sonic waveform files is now possible for the receiver arrays. Several options control how the data is merged. Semblance and frequency dispersion values cannot be merged, but may be replaced if one does a "raw overwrite".

TS V7.354 - 12 November, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.354 12 November, 2014

Correlation - well distances are now displayed correctly after inserting a "pseudo" well.

Petrophysics - Curve Properties - Functions tab. The Copy, Load Fixed Value, Blank Interval and Interpolate options now operate on the current depth interval.

General - a right click option has been added to the curve Status function. Choose Select Curves. A Status table for just the selected curves is generated.

IMAGELog - a saved depth shift can now be applied to lithology or facies files. See the Options tab on Track Configuration for a facies or lithology track.

Borehole Imaging - a saved depth shift can be applied to pick files via a new function on the Functions tab of Pick and Breakout options.

Borehole Imaging - a Pick Key option has been added to the general tab of Pick and Breakout options.

General - when displaying Pick Keys, one may choose to display the key as sine waves, with the appropriate line colors and settings.

DLIS Writing - the mnemonic for image deviation has been changed back to SDEV. (Used prior to TS V7.343.) Techlog is unable to recognise another mnemonic for this, while WellEye insists on the mnemonic DEVI. If you want to export a DLIS file to WellEye, use Curve Utilities to create a curve in the well file named DEVI.

Petrophysics - histograms which use data from auxiliary well files such as button curves from images will now be labeled as to the source data file for the curve For example "Buttn 130[FMS]".

Petrophysics - RFT crossplots have been enhanced to compensate for a deficiency in well engineering data in which units are not stored. Units may be included within parentheses in the X axis title (e.g Pressure (psi)), which will then be used for RFT line gradient labeling.

TS V7.353 - 7 November, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.353 - 7 November, 2014

General - warning messages about "unique well names" are limited to 5 so data loading can proceed without excessive interruption.

Data Loading - the single well LAS/ASCII loader can now match the well data either by well name or UWI.

Data Loading - the Auxiliary Data Loader now has an option to remove extraneous characters from incoming UWI strings.

Data Loading - the Auxiliary Data Loader can now calculate the component index when loading lithologies or facies.

Sonic Waveform - under certain conditions, semblance calculations might not provide updated results for sections of the selected interval. This has been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - some problems when exporting picks after changing wells have been fixed.

Petrophysics - the Hingle Plot has been improved to set the initial value of the matrix point more appropriately for the porosity curve that is being used.

Petrophysics - some issues with Pickett Plot lines and range control have been resolved.

Correlation - a problem when adding a new stratigraphy element to a cross section has been fixed.

TS V7.352 - 22 October, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.352 22 October, 2014

Data Loading - TerraStation now honors loading flags with respect to TVD curves. Previously they might be overwritten despite contradictory user interface settings.

Data Loading - some improvements have been added with respect to comment loading.

Borehole Imaging - initial mnemonic support for the new slimhole resistivity imaging Geologger tool from Robertson has been added. This will be refined as more information about the tool becomes available.

IMAGELog - a problem with the widths of breakout displays in breakout tracks has been resolved.

TS V7.351 - 15 October, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.351 15 October, 2014

IMAGELog - a problem when drawing image file curves containing gaps and skipping over NULLs has been resolved.

Map Data Loading - non alpha numeric characters can be removed from UWI strings during data loading. This makes it easier to match existing wells which may have been loaded from other data sources.

Map Data Loading - the sign of the incoming longitude value can now be reversed at the table stage without reloading the file.

Sonic Waveform - the filter and data limit parameters previously used when computing semblance values now appear in the user interface settings, showing the setup used.

TS V7.350 - 1 October, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.350 1 October, 2014

IMAGELog - Various items of information from waveform files can now be automatically picked up by IMAGELog header files. See the SWF command set in the Header Command Language part of the help.

Curve Splicing - an option to bulk shift curves during splicing operations is now available.

TS V7.349 - 24 September, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.349 24 September, 2014

Dip Analysis - IMAGELog templates can now be displayed and interacted with as part of a Dip Analysis stereonet display.  A mud log track or second lith/facies tracks can no longer be displayed directly - use a template to do this if desired.

Well Export - LAS - Well Constants to be output can now be specified via a config file called 'wxconst.restrict'.  This file must be in the project folder. See the help for details on use.

Geopolitical Loading - a problem when loading geopolitical text entries has been resolved.

General - a crash condition when accessing Well Properties and in other circumstances has been fixed.  This problem was introduced in version 7.345.

TS V7.348 - 18 September, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.348 18 September, 2014

IMAGELog - some problems with title header text in a stereonet track have been corrected.

Well Data Loading - an issue with loading multi-well formation view picks has been fixed.

DLIS Loader - some additional options have been added to the Verification Listing report.

DLIS Loader - contents reports for DLIS files are now stored in the original source folder if it is writeable.

IMAGELog - Z Aliasing can now be used when defining zones bounded by map Z variables in a well stratigraphy track.

TS V7.346 & V7.347 - 12 September, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.347 10 September, 2014

Dip Analysis - a display issue when using a quality cutoff for dips causing overwriting of text has been resolved.

Mapping - a potential crash condition when using bubble map displays has been fixed.

TerraStation Version 7.346 3 September, 2014

Note: Version 7.346 was not formally released but is included in Version 7.347.

IMAGELog - the clipping for color coded curve displays has been improved at the top and bottom of the window.

IMAGELog - "fast" curves can now be displayed in a color coded curve track.

Image Data Loading - support has been added for Weatherford CMI_S tools. Some additional slow channel mnemonics have been added to the look up system.

Dip Analysis - a second lithology/ facies track can be shown on stereonet displays.

TS V7.345 - 27 August, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.345 27 August, 2014

Dip Analysis/IMAGELOG tracks - rose diagrams and stereonets can now be optionally drawn without spoke labels. (Spoke labels were added in TerraStation version 7.344.)

Dip Analysis - Azimuth Vector and Dip Walkout Plot - one can now zoom in and out using the mouse wheel (or up and down arraw keys). One can grab and move the display using the left mouse button (use a left click-drag and drop sequence of events).

General - a comment field has been added to lithology and facies group files. This comment can be used to populate the comment field when adding lithology or facies entries.

DLIS Loading - a (usually innocuous) bug which caused the program to show a "repcode error" has been fixed. The repcode errors were in most cases not truly errors.

DLIS Loading - a problem with interlacing for FMI images has been corrected. This caused all previously loaded FMI images to have their buttons swapped. If this error is present, you may correct it by using the button swap option under View/Edit Data.

The problem would reduce the resolution of FMI images, but the image itself would be usable and picks made from it would be valid. In cases where an acceleration correction was done, users should make certain the most current version of fmvtool.v70 is being used.  I.e., no old versions of fmvtool.v70 remain in userdata or elsewhere in the system.

TS V7.344 - 21 August, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.344 20 August, 2014

Borehole Imaging - if the tool type of a Baker tool is changed, the program attempts to reload the appropriate accelerometer and magnetometer curves for QC plots.

Borehole Imaging - image selection lists now mark existing images with an asterisk.

Header and Title Box Editor - sonic waveform header items may now be configured within the Header and Title Box Editor.

DEXTR - a problem has been corrected with the "Fail Constraints" null being lost.

DLIS Loading - a crash condition has been resolved when sonic waveforms files cannot be properly created.

DLIS Loading - users may now create verification listings in batch mode. This permits an easy file inventory method for a folder containing multiple DLIS files.

Borehole Imaging - the polygon used to represent a pick plane in 3D displays can now be chosen from a right click menu when editing the pick configuration file. (tspcktyp.v70) Left clicking on the polygon cycles through the possible shapes.

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