Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.366 - 11 March, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.366 - 15 March, 2015

Sonic Waveform - support has been added for the GE MAS sonic tool.

Petrophysics - the user interface for Petra/Statlith has been upgraded to a more modern appearance.

Petrophysics - statistical lines color for crossplots can now be set to automatically specified rather than all the same color, and a key for the line colors has been added when in automatic color mode.

General - some Weatherford curve names have been added to our standard curve set.

IMAGELog - a problem with curve shading at certain scales when "Skip Nulls" is active has been fixed.

Correlation - a scaling problem when overlaying curves has been fixed.

TS V7.365 - 25 February, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.365 - 25 February, 2015

Mapping - wells with a bottom hole location outside map limits were previously excluded from the map display. This restriction has been relaxed so that all wells with a platform location that falls within the map limits are retained for access, e.g., in Correlation.

Data Loading - the Auxiliary Data Loader now offers a "replace" mode when loading show data.

TS V7.364 - 18 February, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.364 - 18 February, 2015

IMAGELog - an additonal scale handling option has been added when using non default ranges for curves with percent/fraction units.

General - some minor issues with license handling (introduced in 7.363) have been resolved. Please let us know of any awkward licensing sequences.

TS V7.363 - 11 February, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.363 - 11 February, 2015

Petrophysics - the data range used for histogram statistics, by default, will now cover the same interval as that used for the display ranges.

Petrophysics - the user interface for histogram control has been updated.

Borehole Imaging - users can now control the symbol colors used to create caliper QC plots.

General - a problem displaying the list of current TerraStation users (seen on some systems) has been resolved.

TS V7.362 - 4 February, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.362 4 February, 2015

General - a problem when plotting the pick key display (introduced in version 7.354) has been fixed.

Correlation - a curve status operation is now available with the right click well operations in the Correlation Module.

General - the base map menu of options has been converted to the new "tree view" appearance.

Data Loading - user settings for show height and offset when loading auxiliary well data are now saved properly.

Data Loading - the Auxiliary Data Loader can now load Final Pressure for RFT engineering data.

Data Loading - some problems with loading show data have been resolved.

Curve Splicer - an option to perform a lateral data shift over a user selected interval of the output curve has been added.

TS V7.361 - 28 January, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.361 28 January, 2015

General - the Preferences menu now uses the standard Windows Tree View Widget.

General - a problem with the borehole correction lists which was introduced in version 7.360 has been fixed.

Data Loading - the LAS image data loader can now recognise image sequence numbers that are embedded within the mnemonics.

General - a problem where well coordinates could be damaged whenever a user accessed Well Properties has been fixed. This problem was introduced in version 7.360.

Data Loading - if user had automatic well sorting enabled, some load sequences would not work properly. This has been corrected.

TS V7.360 - 21 January, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.360 21 January, 2015

IMAGELog - an errant facies interval line that might appear in an IMAGELog track header has been removed.

Correlation - the current datum for a stratigraphic section is now remembered when inserting or deleting a Z variable.

General - the system for managing the ID number for stored log constraints has been improved. ID numbers could sometimes be reused, preventing access to the duplicated constraint ID.

Sonic Waveform - frequency dispersion calculation popup plot can now be "auto-run". Users should first set "use saved values". This option permits a video capture of the sequence.

Formation Viewer - a problem when setting the "slot name" under Tool Attributes has been resolved.

Data Loading - the LAS data loader attempts to auto-detect orientation data when loading images.

Dip Analysis - a problem where pick filters were not applied has been fixed.

Mapping - some issues with the display of rose diagrams on a map have been corrected.

TS V7.359 - 15 January, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.359 15 January, 2015

Sonic Waveform - an option to compute Backus upscaled moduli, density and sonic curves has been added. It is on the Data Control - Save Rock Properties panel.

Petrophysics - Curve Utilities-Filters now offers a time based filter for upscaling of curves using either a TWT or OWT curve for the time to depth conversion. The time filter must be supplied as an ASCII file.

Data Loading - the Auxiliary Data loader can now load show symbols into the General Symbols file.

Data Loading - images loaded via the LAS loader can now recognize sequences of curves as the image, rather than requiring explicit definition of each button as before.

Data Loading - the program attempts to auto correct longitudes during loading to reduce the possibility of incorrect sign errors.

Data Loading - users may now specify the incoming data increment in the LIS loader when loading images. LIS data may be unable to determine the image increment with sufficient accuracy if floating point values are used for incoming depths.

Synthetic Seismic - an obsolete floating point format for SEG-Y files used by Kingdom can now be exported from TerraStation.

TS V7.358 - 7 January, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.358 7 January, 2015

Data Loading - NGI image mnemonic recognition now attempts to classify caliper measurement as diameter or radius.

General - a new user interface has been installed the Preferences area. Comments are welcome as this style of panel layout will be adopted in other program applications.

Correlation - the currently active well name is now highlighted (if displayed) and its symbol enlarged on the context map.

IMAGELog - internal logic has been added to adjust the display ranges appropriately for fractional vs. percentage curves.

Borehole Imaging - a potential crash issue when displaying images in Contrast mode has been fixed.

TS V7.357 - 18 December, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.357 18 December, 2014

IMAGELog - a problem with vertical line divisions in stratigraphy tracks, introduced in version 7.355, has been fixed.

Borehole Imaging - an audit record is now kept in the Well Audit file when accelerometer and pad flap corrections are done on an image.

Borehole Imaging - support has been added for the Tucker High Resolution BIT tool.

Dip Analysis - saved configurations will now remember the Dip Data Control - Display Options section settings. eg Quality Cutoff, partial Pick Filter, etc.

Synthetic Seismic - some changes have been made for SEGY output to improve the chance of third party software reading the file.

Synthetic Seismic - wavelet presentation in the header of the display has been improved.

True Vertical Depth - a warning message is now posted if the XDEV and/or YDEV output curves are set to Read-Only.

TCL - COPY_GLP, COPY_INT, COPY_RUN commands - an option (parameter=2) now exists to assign a single parameter file to all wells in a collection. For example, one could assign a standard INT interval file to all wells. This is different than the old copy utility. With this new method, one need only edit the master file for it to be propogated to all wells.

TS V7.356 - 11 December, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.356 11 December, 2014

Sonic Waveform - the table editor for SWF data now includes a depth shifting option.

IMAGELog and Dip Analysis (Stereonet) - control for the displayed pick sets has been enhanced. Users may now explicitly choose to add linear features, breakouts, or vugs to the displayed pick set. Pick computations, if used, will only apply to the primary pick set. Other display options apply in the same way to all active data sets.  Rose diagram displays will use the size control as configured for the primary pick set.

Data Loading - a problem adding a curve suffix name when loading irregularly sampled curves from ASCII data has been resolved.

DLIS Loading - a mislabeled option on the Convenience Tab of the Curve Load Control option has been corrected. This option permits the user to load "fast" channel data in its entirety when loading DLIS data.

General - a crash in well collections has been fixed.

TS 7.355 - 4 December, 2014

TerraStation Version 7.355 04 December, 2014

Formation View - Borehole Visualizer - some work has been added to make it easier to set the view angle. One can now left click on a desired MD as the view centerpoint. A toggle for resolution control has been added. Performance may suffer at full resolution since the entire image is accessed while producing the drawing.

Sonic Waveform - a frequency dispersion tracking option has been added to the right-click menu of Sonic Waveform tracks. If the frequency dispersion has already been computed, performance will be improved by "using saved values".

General - ASCII File Editing - when editing some auxiliary well data files, including the pick files, the depth column is "static" so it will always be displayed even if the table has been scrolled to the right. Depending on the file type, more than one column may be 'fixed'.

IMAGELog - a problem when right clicking to add facies/lithology beds (not terminating properly leading potentially to an extra bed being inserted) has been resolved.

IMAGELog - one can optionally now have a cross-hair cursor rather than an arrow while configuring a track. There is a new Cursor Mode setting on the Track Setup panel for this.

Dip Analysis - cumulative dip and azimuth vector displays now display an "N = " count.

Well Data Management - X and Y coordinates now appear as part of the well data management table.

Data Loading - the LAS loader can now automatically append data to an existing image file.

IMAGELog - one can now edit well stratigraphy data (.STR files) interactively via right click, "grabbing" the top or bottom.  One can also add new entries using the Add Feature menu item.

General - a "preferences" option has been added which initially fits restored IMAGELog template displays to the width of the window. A "Fit Width" powerbar option is also now available.

Sonic Waveform - initial support for the Halliburton Array Sonic Tool and Schumberger Thrubit data has been added.

IMAGELog - a new "length" option allows the user to calculate a selected depth interval. Left click on a curve track, hold and release at the end of the interval. Then right click and select Report Interval to see the distance.

Sonic Waveform - merging sonic waveform files is now possible for the receiver arrays. Several options control how the data is merged. Semblance and frequency dispersion values cannot be merged, but may be replaced if one does a "raw overwrite".

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