Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.389 - 4 November, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.389 - 4 November, 2015

DLIS Export - CMI and SCMI image files are now written in the standard Weatherford interlacing format. Files exported from TerraStation can now be reloaded back in without reordering button data.

DLIS Loading - image data recognition has been improved when the data arrays are out of order.

DLIS Loading - a new Advanced option has been added to permit recognition of images if some data arrays are missing. Users can then manually identify the missing arrays if it is due to a mnemonic problem, such as Recall using IMAGE_1 for more than one data array in the image.

Map Loading - a problem, introduced in version 7.385, which caused tab delimited map data loading to fail, has been resolved.

TCL - a new function, ALIASMERGE, has been added to TCL. See the Help file for details on usage.

Borehole Imaging - a problem importing TT calipers to other images has been fixed.

TS V7.388 - 28 October, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.388 - 28 October, 2015

IMAGELog - shading from a constant to irregularly sampled curves has been improved.

DLIS Data Loading - users may now select a specific curve set to be loaded. The curve set can be saved and restored for later use if desired.

General - a new option is now available to set the project depth basis from Map Data Management.

TS V7.387 - 21 October, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.387 - 21 October, 2015

IMAGELog - an option to "Skip Over Nulls" has been added to color coded curve displays.

IMAGELog - an "hour glass" form has been added to lithology/facies displays when using a Control Curve.

General - pick category edit lists now use the tree list format.

Mapping - a fill problem with the top map border (when horizontal and vertical inner offsets are different) has been fixed.

IMAGELog - the maximum length for a comment string has been increased to 1000 characters.

IMAGELog - alternate pick display settings were turned off or mis-marked after changing the primary pick set. This has been corrected.

Dip Analysis - a symbol key problem for symbols -11, -12, -13 and -14 is resolved.

Borehole Imaging - the pick source information is now included in pick statistics reports.

Petrophysics - two new crossplot overlays have been added - Weatherford Compact Density/Neutron, and a Lambda-Rho/Mu-Rho overlay in the Miscellaneous section.

Borehole Imaging - a new option on Tool Attributes lets the user specify that Quanta Geo image calipers are not shifted to be on the same depth.

Borehole Imaging - a possible orientation error in pseudo images from core photos has been fixed.

TS V7.386 - 07 October, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.386 - 07 October, 2015

Borehole Imaging - a problem redrawing the image after depth shifting has been fixed.

Borehole Imaging - the bulk depth shift option for images was not working properly. This has been corrected.

General - a value limitation for map picks has been increased to absolute values of 50,000.

Mapping - the Edit Zs/Tops function now includes a method to permit graphically picking of Z value multiples.

IMAGELog - the stratigraphy track now can force the header text to be oriented up or down. It uses the general track setting if this option is not selected.

IMAGELog - core photos can now be clipped at their top and bottom reference points.

Borehole Visualization - a color coded hole shape can be displayed in 3D borehole displays

Borehole Visualization - the category filters are now more directly controlled from the 3D display configuration panel.

Petrophysics - a new triangle moving average filter is available.

Dip Analysis - a portential problem with picks moving during reclassification has been corrected.

TS V7.385 - 30 September, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.385 - 30 September, 2015

Borehole Imaging - the category controls may now be used as a filter to limit the picks used for image flattening.

Borehole Imaging - "structure" curves, dip and azimuth curves, may be created as one of the pick functions, "Create Variable Structure Curves". These curves may be computed over intervals as defined by stratigraphy or interval files.

IMAGELog - the legend for symbol curves has been improved to be less dependent on track width.

Mapping - the position of the scale bar on a map can now be adjusted vertically.

Borehole Imaging - QC plots for dual OBMI calipers now limit the caliper display to 4 and no longer display the implied opposite caliper.

TS V7.384 - 23 September, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.384 - 23 September, 2015

Borehole Imaging - when "insert"ing an image, pads that are turned off in the source image are no longer included.

IMAGELog - the XRD track now supports a COREDEP curve which can be used to depth shift the values.

IMAGELog - if the second depth is missing, the XRD track assumes it is the first depth plus the well increment.

IMAGELog - a right click in the header of an XRD table (when View/Editing the data file) offers an option to add a column to an XRD file.

Parameter File Changes: blwavfm.v70, fvfilter.v70

TS V7.383 - 16 September, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.383 - 16 September, 2015

Borehole Imaging - an option has been added to discriminate colors on sand divisions.

General - a serious issue where well coordinates might be lost when accessing well properties has been fixed.

IMAGELog - a problem when "stacking" curves derived from auxiliary data has been corrected.

IMAGELog - a transparency problem with certain overlay tracks has been fixed.

General - a problem setting the depth interval has been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - the swathe factor now functions correctly for "images" having only a single button per pad.

TS V7.382+ - 15 September, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.382+

This is a bug fix release.

IMAGELog - a transparency problem with certain overlay tracks has been fixed.

General - a problem setting the depth interval has been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - the swathe factor now functions correctly for "images" having only a single button per pad.

TS 7.382 - 9 September, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.382 - 09 September, 2015

Borehole Imaging - QC panels now offer Save and Restore options to remember the previous settings or save a configuration for a particular imaging tool.

Borehole Imaging - the Sand Count and Average Image Value computations can now be subject to constraints conditions.

Borehole Visualization - the user interface now uses the tree list style.

Borehole Visualization - a color can be set to highlight Pad 1.

Borehole Visualization - depths can be made "anonymous" for tight holes.

General - Well Properties now use the tree list style.

DLIS Loading - when loading 360/180 circumferential images, the program might become unresponsive. This has been fixed. The problem was introduced in TerraStation version 7.380.

DLIS Loading - calipers for XRMI images are now identified more specifically.

Parameter Files Modified - blimage.v70, tlauxfil.v70, and cgmodule.v70.

TS V7.380 & 7.381 - 2 September, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.381 - 02 September, 2015

Petrophysics - borehole corrections now utilize the new tree list menu format.

Borehole Imaging - the pressure model track also uses the tree list format.

General - a new file statistics option has been added for core and XRD data. This option is found under the Scout Ticket tab of the Well Properties panel.

Curve Splicing - the depth range for splicing a section of log can now be selected via keyboard entry. Right-click on curve and choose Splice at Depth.

Data Export - a problem when the reference depth curve units differ from the well depth units has been fixed.

General - columns may be hidden when using the TerraStation configuration file editor. To use this option, left click and drag across the column headers you want to hide. Then left click and choose "Hide". This can be done multiple times. To unhide the columns, left click and drag across one or more columns, right click and "Unhide all columns". Columns are only hidden during the current editing session.


TerraStation Version 7.380 - 26 August, 2015

Borehole Imaging - pick files are now automatically backed up when beginning pick editing.

IMAGELog - a new track type has been added for xray diffraction data. This is a new entry under lithology track types. The mineral components and patterns are controlled by those defined in the Petra lithology system, i.e., tlcomp.v70. Data may be loaded into the new auxiliary data file, with extension .XRD, via the auxiliary data loader.

IMAGELog - a toggle has been added to the plotting control which includes an option to limit the interval to the current display window.

General - when changes are made to lithologies or facies entries, engineering entries, core photos, or well stratigraphy entries, the change will be recorded in the "audit trail" for the well.

DLIS Loading - arrays with dimension of 180 or 360 will be idendified as potential circumferential images if they do not have an explicit image type in blimage.v70.

DLIS Export - stored semblance and frequency dispersion arrays can be exported with sonic waveform data.

General - "rank" can be used as a discriminator for depth intervals defined by stratigraphy. It can also be used for lithology/facies tables and charts.

TS V7.379 - 19 August, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.379 - 19 August, 2015

Borehole Imaging - fixed issue with image QC plots using red as the color for the points plotted, now use black again to distinguish them from the best fit circle/ellipse.

Data Loading - when loading core photos, the relative path is stored if the files are not local to the project folder.

Data Loading - LAS files containing multiple curves with the same name can now load these as an array curve rather than as multiple versions of the same curve.

General - a problem displaying certain symbols (-11 to -14) in the pick key has been resolved.

Sonic Waveform - shear or Stonely slowness can now be picked via a right click option on frequency dispersion windows.

Borehole Imaging - a preference has been added to return to pick add mode after a right click "edit details" sequence.

Borehole Imaging - support has been added for Pathfinder Azimuthal GR images.

DLIS Writer - the program now defaults to writing the entire depth interval when in single well mode. It also does not change the interval setting permanently if the user wants a temporary interval while writing the output file.

DLIS Writer - mnemonic handling between TA and TT image output has been improved.

DLIS Loader - the program attempts to make a better selection of slow channel data when loading Dual OBMI data.

DLIS Loader - users may now optionally direct file reports to the project folder rather than the data file folder. This is found under Advanced Controls for a "session only" change. It may be made the default setting under Edit -Preferences- Input/Output.

General - the font size for TerraStation tables can be made larger via the "Large Text in Tables" option under Edit - Preferences - Window Control.

Dip Analysis - the azimuth vector plot can now display fracture strikes for a specific sub category of pick and the north arrow is now optional.

Petrophysics - Pie Chart - an option for "separate bars" is now available for pie charts.

Petrophysics - Histogram - a toggle has been added to choose between single and multi-well histogram modes.

General - Project Database/Well Data Management - the table is kept current when editing well name/UWI on the Well Propeties function. Also enabled the F2 refresh button on this table.

IMAGELog - when in index mode, facies statistics now report using concatenated names, with prefix and suffix separated by semi-colons.

IMAGELog - a report has been added for lithology/facies operations such as degap and merge, indicating what was done.

IMAGELog - an UNDO function can now roll back previous lithology/facies operations.

IMAGELog - Tadpole Tracks - an issue has been resolved when duplicating such tracks and changing the pick set to be used. It was possible for picks from the original pick set to still display in the modified track.

Config Files Changed - blimage.v70, added support for Pathfinder Azimuthal GR

TS V7.378 - 7 August, 2015

TerraStation Version 7.378 - 7 August, 2015

General - prefix and suffix columns have been added to lithology and facies files. These permit more sophisticated definitions of this type of data.

IMAGELog - a problem when extrapolating data at the top of irregular curves (in "Skip Over Nulls" mode) has been fixed.

Borehole Imaging - the QC user interface has been improved.

IMAGELog - Tadpole and other tracks - pick data from well curves now honors the data frequency setting. This was broken in version 7.376.

Support Files Changed: ilheader.v70 - some new IHD mnemonics are recognized when loading data.

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