Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

In order to download the software update you must be a registered user with Client status and be logged in.

TS V7.424 - 14 September, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.424 - 14 September, 2016

Sonic Waveform - negative semblance arrival window offsets are now permited.

Data Loading - a problem with data increment units (introduced in V 7.422) has been corrected.

IMAGELog - Biostratigraphy track - a new "abundances (text)" display is now available. This shows abundances as a single text character. A colored background to the characters can be done by using the new QUALIFIER entry in the data file.

IMAGELog - a "reverse hourglass" option has been added to color coded curve tracks.

Dip Analysis - a problem with color coding on walkout plots when using a stratigraphy file has been fixed.

Petrophysics - three new methods for multi-well normalizing have been added.

Petrophysics - a new multi-zone summary report (when in detailed report mode) is now available. See the help for details.

Data Loading - the Auxiliary Data loader can now load an entry for biostratigraphy sample qualifier.

New and Modified Parameter Files - ilbioabund.v70, ilbioqual.v70, tslabels.v70

TS V7.423 - 31 August, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.423 - 31 August, 2016

Sonic Waveform - a problem with the frequency dispersion option when track muting is on has been resolved.

Sonic Waveform - an option has been added to display all frequency dispersions in sequence over an interval.

Sonic Waveform - the sequence of frequency dispersion displays may be captured in a TerraStation plot file called FreqDisp.plt. The stepped sequence can then be displayed in a video like fashion in the TerraStation plot editor.

Mapping - a north arrow can be included to the map display in the lower right corner of the map border.

Borehole Imaging - Tadpole Track - tadpoles can now be filled gradually based on the quality setting of the pick.

General - zoom response times have been improved.

IMAGELog - inserted core images at scales that were too small to display generated an "invalid file format" message.  This has been removed.

TS V7.419 - 7.422 - 17 August, 2016

Terrastation Version 7.422 - 17 August, 2016

Clarity - a constraint display has been added to pie charts.

IMAGELog - an option and preference has been added to deactivate bubble interrogation information if it clutters the display.

IMAGELog - the message has been improved when a core image file is not found.

Dip Analysis - when displaying a curve track, shading now works correctly if the curve ranges are decreasing, i.e. the larger range is on the left.

Data Loading - a problem when loading DLIS data if the curve "spacing" (increment) units differ from the depth units has been resolved.


TerraStation Version 7.421 - 03 August, 2016

Petrophysics - when normalizing a histogram, the normalizing equation can be saved directly to Equus.

Petrophysics - Equus may now be used in multi well mode.


TerraStation Version 7.420 - 27 July, 2016

Petrophysics - Merlin statistics - Merlin operations are now restricted to curve data, with the exception of Transition Probability, which can use other data sources..


TerraStation Version 7.419 - 20 July, 2016

IMAGELog - a crash condition when adding a well to the map in IMAGELog has been resolved.

Data Export - some issues when exporting coordinates for "All Selected Z's" have been fixed.

Pressure Modeling - g/cc units for pressure gradients are now permitted. If the mud weight or hydrostatic pressure values are modified, they are stored in the units given by the current toggle setting.

Petrophysics - several curve selection options have been simplifed so that the data source can be set via a standard user interface method.

Macro Processing - a problem with multiple BEGIN loops not processing from the top of the well has been resolved.

TS V7.418 - 22 June, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.418 - 22 June, 2016

Borehole Imaging - a new image heterogeneity index computation uses percentiles within the display range. This should be used when in Static image mode, equal increments. Accuracy improves with a larger number of bins.

Clarity - a new data analysis module has been added to the software. This module is available to all TerraStation users. An upcoming newsletter details how to use this tool.

Preferences - a user preference controlling Clarity window management has been added to the Miscellaneous section.

Curve Splicing - the run ID is now displayed with the curve header information. Splicing operations can reference the run ID to allow all curves from the specified runs to be spliced in one operation.

Map Export - a problem with column alignment when exporting locations for all selected tops has been resolved.

Files Changed: blimage.v70, tsunits.v70, tlcrvcmp.v70, tlalias.v70, tlcrvdsc.v70

TS V7.417 - unreleased

TerraStation Version 7.417 - 15 June, 2016

Petrophysics - SPLOM, bar graphs, ternary diagrams, and curve normalizing now have a Well Control option in multi well mode.

Borehole Imaging - two new image transform settings based on porosity are available. One is based on image value amd Rmf, the other calibrates the image to a resistivity curve.

General - another CBIL mnemonic set is supported.

General - Scientific Drilling is included in the standard list of companies.

General - some Allied curve mnemonics have been added.

General - units now include a porosity decimal fraction.

TS V7.416 - 08 June, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.416 - 08 June, 2016

Sonic Waveform - the Frequency Dispersion display of a Sonic Waveform track now displays slow minus fast values as a function of frequency when in combined anisotropy mode. This is to emphasize cross over.

General - Target Well Control has been added to the standard list of companies.

General - a panel display problem in IMAGELog after setting the depth range using Z variables has been corrected.

General - multi item list selectors which use a tree system (e.g. curve selector using the Project Curve List) can now do substring searches using the subtrees.

Petrophysics - a new multi-well control tool has been added to histograms. This allows users to quickly switch wells in a collection on/off, reset interval and so on.

Changed Files - tlcrvcmp.v70

TS V7.415 - 25 May, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.415 - 25 May, 2016

Sonic Waveform - a frequency dispersion window option has been added when in combined dipole anisotropy mode. This displays the average frequency spectra. When this is turned on, the frequency dispersion displays are for the XX and YY data as well as the spectra for these, rather than for the 'fast' and 'slow' data. This is intended for use as a diagnostic for tool eccentering.

IMAGELog - the drawing sequence for pattern fill and symbols in lithology tracks has been improved. Symbols are now always drawn last.

IMAGELog - the size of text in DST symbols now responds to the active scale. If the scale is greater than 1:600, no text will appear.

Correlation - the cursor type can be changed so that it is a cross hair cursor. See the option called 'Use Cross Hair Cursor' on the main section display window panel. Please let us know if you see problems with this, such as it reverting to the old style cursor.

Correlation - stratigraphic fill can now extend past the logged interval for a single zone.

Petrophysics - Uncertainty control value saving to the configuration file has been improved in Statlith.

TCL - a new command is available to delete the INT, GLP or RUN parameter files. See the DELETE AUXFILE command.

Map Export - a problem with multiple entries for data items selected when exporting single valued Z formats has been fixed.

Correlation - a rare problem with text sizes in well distance labels on a cross section display has been resolved.

TS V7.414 - 18 May, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.414 - 18 May, 2016

Sonic Waveform - a problem during guide DT operations for fast and slow semblance has been corrected.

Borehole Imaging - support has been added for some new GeoXplorer mnemonics.

DLIS loading - tops and bottoms for sonic waveform and curve data are reset to a multiple of the increment if the increment is manually changed.

TCL - performance when editing well "parameters" has been improved.

ENVCALC - zone depth control has been improved.

Changed files: blimage.v70

TS V7.413 - 11 May, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.413 - 11 May, 2016

General - the "Click - Shift/Click" option to select a series of items has been added to tree lists of check boxes. One place this is useful is in selecting pick types.

DLIS Loading - preferences for DLIS loading have been removed from the Preference section. The program now remembers previous settings (under the Advanced Settings option) and continues to use them until they are changed.

IMAGELog - a problem with access to pick value label controls when the Pick Display is set to "Abbrev and Values" has been corrected.

Data Loading - the LAS loader will automatically correct order errors in the start and ending depth of the data.

Plot/Geopolitical Editing - screen redraws are now automatic after color and feature filter changes.

IMAGELog - performance has been enhanced for color coded curves when the scale is greater than 1:1200.

Sonic Waveform - a record of semblance operations will be saved in the audit file.

ENVCALC - zone depths for ENVCALC from the geologic parameters file are now correctly interpreted if derived from map Z variables.

Parameter files changed: cgmodule.v70, ilhgrid.v70

TS V7.412 - 4 May, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.412 - 4 May, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.412 was an internal release version containing minor development work.

TS V7.411 - 27 April, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.411 - 27 April, 2016

Data Loading - sonic waveform data can now be imported from multi-file WellCAD format files.

Data Export - the standard set of NGI curves is now created when exporting an NGI image.

IMAGELog - the warning about needing to save the template now appears only if the current template has been changed.

Modified Files - tlcrvcat.v70, tlalias.v70, tlcrvdsc.v70, tsunits.v70

TS V7.410 - 20 April, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.410 - 20 April, 2016

Plotting - cross sections plots now offer a "page = plot size" option for PDF output.

IMAGELog Header Editor - a crash condition when grabbing and moving features has been fixed.

True Vertical Depth - an issue with batch loaded TVD surveys have been fixed. These were related to the determination of the number of header lines in the input files.

Petrophysics - Statlith - A number of changes including:

     -Initialize output porosity curve ranges to 0 to 0.3, not 0 to 1.

     -For the Dual water and Waxman Smit models, put an additional track showing the effective Sw and Phi, in addition to the total Sw and Phi track.

     -The solution control variables (other than level of diagnostics messages) are now saved to the SLH file.

     -Added the Sw model label to the track header of Sw and Phi track.

     -Initialize all the models to have the same Rt and RXO curves the very first time the configuration is loaded.

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