Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.206 20 January, 2011

General - well collections may now be saved using a method similar to an IMAGELog template.  This permits easier sharing of collections between users of the same project. The default method has not changed. Activating this new approach requires an addition to your file. You can contact TERRASCIENCES or look in the online help under the Well Selection & Collection chapter for information on how to do this.

Well Data Management - users may now modify the curve properties for multiple curves within a single well.  (From the right click menu in Well Data Management.)

Petrophysics - some issues with creating an array curve from columns of another array curve have been resolved.

DLIS Data Loading - errors in unpacking packed PWFX curves containing sonic waveforms have been corrected.

Petrophysics - button labeling in curve utilities has been improved so that current data selected is better identified.

TS V7.205 12 January, 2011

General - a crash condition when printing from an ASCII report file window has been fixed.

DLIS Data Loading - the interval is cleared correctly when adding image data to an existing image.

General - the Indian 1975 projection has been added as one of the "Custom" projections.

Dip Analysis - the SCAT setup is now saved in a configuration file.

Petrophysics - one can now extract elements from an array curve to build a new array curve in curve utilities.

DLIS Data Loading - some problems with assigning sonic waveform files have been resolved.

TS V7.204 7 January, 2011

General - a "flow" section has been added to the available units.

Sonic Waveform - a crash in the "brute force method" of anisotropy has been fixed.

Petrophysics - a problem with the creation of array cuves in the curve utilities has been fixed.

Petrophysics - the well zone/ curve key can be moved or resized on cross plot and ternary displays.

Petrophysics - some problems with the "highlighted well" function have been resolved.

DLIS loading - orientation curves are now only cleared for the selected interval when loading data into an existing image.

TS V7.203 28 December, 2010

LAS Export - the handling of a TVD curve which is not fully populated has been improved.

Sonic Waveform - the default Baker dipole time step is now 36. Previously it was 40.

General - a problem with the Edit Tops/Z's table which caused duplicate map well points to be created has been fixed.

TS V7.202 8 December, 2010

Sonic Waveform - displays have been improved when the waveform depth increment is smaller than the well depth increment.

DLIS Data Loading - a rare problem wherein values at a given depth might be skipped has been fixed.

Map Data Loading - a problem with loading map data into previously deleted points has been resolved.

Geopolitical Data Loading - A problem with loading SHAPE files has been addressed.

Correlation - an issue with "custom" well IMAGELog templates being carried over to a new section has been fixed.

Dip Analysis - Depth interval settings for stereonets now properly reflect the selected stratigraphic "rank" when specifying the depth interval from the stratigraphy display.

Previous Release Notes

TS V7.201 1 December, 2010

Borehole Imaging - an option to rescale an image into the zero to one data range, based on a cumulative distribution, has been added. This operation can be accessed on the Analysis tab as "Rescale to 0-1". Please note that your original data will be lost in this operation.

Note that the depth interval definition controls identify the interval over which the cumulative distribution data is computed. The operation will change the image data for the entire image.

Waveform - One can now patch a DT computed curve on a semblance track. Pick up to 3 points. First click on the curve to patch and the initial depth limit. The second click shows the path to follow. The (optional) third click identifies the other depth limit. See the help for details.

Waveform - a "Truncate" option has been added to the table data editor. This sets extreme values to the extreme of the neighboring waveforms.

Waveform - a right click frequency dispersion crossplot display option has been added. This uses a 1.5 kHz width rectangular band pass filter. The step is 0.1 kHz.

Waveform - a checkbox for semblance merging has been added. Muting must be on for this option to work.

Waveform - the absolute maximum of the slowness has been increased from 500 to 1000 us/ft. This is still limited by the number of samples in the reciever arrays.

ASCII Log Data Loading - some potential memory problems leading to a TerraStation crash have been fixed.

TS V7.200 19 November, 2010

Sonic Waveform - an option has been added to clear any existing semblance computations.

IMAGELog - a new right click option in core image data tracks has been added. This permits users to add a core image.

IMAGELog - a problem introduced in TerraStation version 7.199 which caused problems with 3D borehole images (hole shape tracks) has been fixed.

Borehole Imaging - the display of picks nearly parallel to the borehole trace has been improved.

IMAGELog - one may now draw a rectangle around a group of core images and shift all of them simultaneously using the right click menu.

Sonic Waveform - muting is now honored when performing max coherence and max amplitude computations.

DLIS Data Loading - a potential problem with depth units conversions when loading Sonic Waveform data has been corrected.

TS V7.199 11 November, 2010

Borehole Imaging - the positioning of steep angle dips has been improved.

Petrophysics - a "mouse over" coordinate option has been added to histogram displays.

Petrophysics - the standard deviation is now included in histogram statistics reports.

IMAGELog - several new data management options have been added to curve displays. One is that you can now right click on a point and "Copy Values to Clipboard". This captures the depth and curve values at that depth into the Windows clipboard.

IMAGELog - Another new right click option is to left click on a curve, then drag a zoom box and right click. You may "Copy a Curve", which picks up the trace of the curve you clicked on to begin. Then you can paste that section of curve into another curve, or access one of several other options by right clicking again.

AUX Data Loading - DEX format biostratigraphy data can now be loaded.

Petrophysics - a problem with the Welex Matrix Conversion correction has been resolved.

Dip Analysis - stratigraphy names now display properly on walkout plots.

Petrophysics - curve handling has been improved in multi well cluster analysis.

Data Export - one can now export images in all thirty image slots to LIS or DLIS file.

DLIS Loading - a "heap error" condition has been resolved.

DLIS Loading/Export - the null value for sonic waveform data has been fixed at -999999.0. This allows proper handling of data which may include as a legitimate value the standard null value of -999.25. This may create problems if other programs use a different null value.

IMAGELog - pie charts in lithology/facies tracks can now display percentages alone, or do combined color/pattern displays.

IMAGELog - the option to click on a curve and see the numeric values in curve tracks is now active when in pick edit mode.

TS V7.198 28 October, 2010

Petrophysics - an option to overlay a normal distribution curve has been added to the histogram display.

DLIS Export - a problem with sonic waveform export has been resolved. This caused Schlumberger's InfoView program to report index errors.

General - the Search option under well collections can now return a list of wells with or without location information.

TS V7.197 20 October, 2010

Sonic Waveform - the semblance duration and arrival window parameters are now remembered between sessions.

Borehole Imaging - a problem with the caliper breakout plot quality has been resolved. This issue occurred when the P1AZ value crossed the 360 degree mark.

IMAGELog - a problem setting the position of picks in IMAGELog displays has been corrected.

IMAGELog - a new biostratigraphy track type has been added to IMAGELog. Please refer to the help manual for more information on how to use it.

AUX Data Loading - all the engineering file (.ENG) data types are now supported.

DLIS Loading - when loading sonic waveform or image data, the program now presents a parameter table listing. Users should review this listing to ensure that the proper instrument constants have been loaded. E.g. tool spacing for waveform tools. As mnemonics become standardized, we can configure the loader so it retrieves these values automatically.

Well Collections - one may now search the project and build a collection based on the presence or absence of location coordinates.

TS V7.196 14 October, 2010

Correlation - the right click popup menu has been modified somewhat. A new "Well Properties" option is now included when a well is clicked on in cross sections.

Correlation - the placement of large well names (text height greater than 1 inch) has been improved.

Sonic Waveform - the valid cutoff is now sensitive to a reduction in the gain.

Sonic Waveform - an option has been added to get the amplitude of all receivers at a trace and store the result in an array curve.

Sonic Waveform - an "azimuthal anisotropy map" array curve computed when performing dipole anisotropy angles can be displayed via the Color Coded track type.

Data Loading - an inappropriate "invalid record" warning during map loading has been removed.

Data Loading - a problem with setting the top and bottom interval for sonic waveform data loading has been fixed.

TS V7.195 7 October, 2010

Sonic Waveform - Several improvements have been made to dipole anisotropy workflow.

1. A "data type" toggle has been added to tell the program to work in dipole anisotropy mode.
2. Fast and slow semblence computations are now saved in an SWX and SWY file which can be displayed.
3. Stored slowness curves are monitored to make sure that their slowness range does not intersect that of any other slowness curve.

Sonic Waveform - the workflow for performing dipole anisotropy has been modified. Please check the help file for more information.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - the number of frequency plot bins can now be configured in crossplots. The maximum it can be is 500.

General - a problem with setting the default IMAGELog header file in preferences has been fixed.

Petrophysics - a problem with drawing the Power and Exp curve fits on logarithmic crossplot displays has been resolved.

General - the multi well curve report function (in Well Data Management) can now report the curve category and description.

General - The "[TAB]" placeholder seen on screen displays was being kept in the saved file. This has been fixed such that the actual TAB character is now in the output file.


TS V7.194 30 September, 2010

IMAGELog - options have been added for controlling the orientation of the header text in several tracks that did not allow this before.

IMAGELog - folded curves can now "double" fold. That is, if the curve values go off scale on the folded or wrapped scale, they will show up on a third scale.

Correlation - a possible crash when the cross section contains more than twenty three wells has been fixed.

General - a problem wherein the table went blank if deleting multiple rows in an interval file has been resolved. No data was lost, but it was a little confusing.

General - a problem with the squeezed perforations symbol (when the default pattern fill is used) has been corrected.

General - memory overflow problems have been resolved in the multi well curve property editor and TCL. These were potential sources of TerraStation crashes.

Petrophysics - the regression equation in Merlin is now captured correctly for use by Equus.

Petrophysics - depth annotation for the highlighted well (in a multi well display) has been added.

Data Export - the DLIS file export utility now supports the export of sonic waveform data.


TS V7.193 23 September, 2010

IMAGELog - blank tracks can now have vertical headers.

General - several issues related to the new compiler have been resolved. These cause error messages to be thrown up for tasks which have worked correctly in the past. We apologise for the inconvenience, but these messages should enable us to eliminate the mysterious, untraceable crashes which occasionally have occurred in TerraStation.

IMAGELog - a crash in the draped image form of the hole shape track has been fixed.

Sonic WaveForm - slowness parameters are now saved with the sonic waveform data, so they can be retreived for later use with the particular data.

Borehole Imaging - a problem with image depth shifting (introduced in 7.192) has been resolved.

Well Log Export - depths are now written to 4 decimal places, which should reduce extraneous digits being appended at the limits of numeric precision.

Petrophysics - when making a multi well histogram, a well may be selected for highlighting on top of the overall histogram.

IMAGELog - we have added an AUTO keyword option to the TABLE ZONES command in IMAGELog headers. This allows only zones within the current depth interval to be displayed in the table.


TS V7.192 16 September, 2010

Formation Viewer - Pick Export - borehole image picks can now be exported in a LAS-like format for use with FracMan. Note this is not a standard LAS format and may not load into other software packages, including TerraStation.

Sonic Waveform - an untruncated wiggle display is now available.

IMAGELog - the footer display for multiple line titles has been improved.

Petrophysics - a problem when changing wells in the histogram module has been fixed.

IMAGELog - a potential crash situation with large strings in the header file has been corrected.

Well Data Loading - a problem with adding a curve suffix has been resolved.

Well Data Loading - a "standard" service company name is now saved when loading.

General - the default file extensions now support TIFF file types.

General - a "Squeezed Perforation" symbol has been added.

TVD Loading - a problem with tie point calculations has been resolved.

TS V7.191 2 September, 2010

Borehole Imaging - pick deletion, category editing, and highlight mode options have been added to the right click pick menu. The "highlight mode" option toggles between bubble help and marking pick on image.

Borehole Imaging - new protections have been added to help prevent duplication of picks.

IMAGELog - the number of curve values seen on the status line in "interrogation" mode has been increased.

Stereonet - the "mirrored" azimuth constraints for azimuth displays is now shown.

Petrophysics-Crossplot - a problem with resetting curves when selecting a well from the Select Well button has been fixed.

General - "sub-parallel picks" now use a polyline for a more detailed display. Sub-parallel picks are those that are nearly parallel to the borehole track.

Petrophysics - EQUUS now functions for curves that are not sampled on the main well depth increment, that is 'fast' curves. Equus does not function with irregularly sampled curves.

TS V7.190 25 August, 2010

Dip Analysis - a "mirror" option has been added for azimuth constraints.

Borehole Imaging - a beta version for a new system which saves picks in "bent" holes has been added. Whether the system is used is controllable via a checkbox on the "Pick and Breakout Options" panel. We welcome feedback on the new feature, especially on whether performance is adequate.

General - when displaying ASCII files, tab characters will be displayed as "[TAB]". This makes it easier to determine the layout of incoming ASCII data files.

Petrophysics - the depth information line is now correct when displaying a single histogram in interval mode.

Petrophysics - a problem with Principal Component Analysis has been fixed.

Petrophysics - a problem with interval control in the Fast Formation Evaluation module has been resolved.

Dip Analysis - the statistical report annotation for stereonets has been improved.

General - a new user preference checkbox has been added under Edit/Preferences/IMAGELog Preferences. This preference controls the persistance of the "Pick Add Mode".

TS V7.189 18 August, 2010

IMAGELog - a potential problem with a "locking" scroll bar has been resolved.

General - a maximum of 4 gigabytes for a well file has been established.

Borehole Imaging - a problem with saving the angle offset in Dual OBMI images has been corrected.

Multi-Z Echo Edit - when editing Z values, the window "focus" will remain on the edit window to permit multiple edits. In IMAGELog, previously it would shift to the curve display as it was redrawing the picks.

Data Loading - an "alias" system for identifying company names during loading has been created. The configuration for this system can be found under ASCII Editing/ Labels/ CURVE_COMPANY.

General - parameter files will now initialize automatically when setting parameters from a screen display. E.g. when setting a geologic parameter from a histogram.

Dip Analysis - users can now display data on the Azimuth vs Dip plot using a -180 to 180 range.

TS V7.188 05 August, 2010

Borehole Imaging - the accuracy of saving picks that are nearly parallel to the borehole has been improved. This system relies on the following:

1. The method comes into effect after 5 pick points and if
relative dip is over 80 degrees.
2. It requires the tvd, xdev and ydev channels to be populated
3. If there is a discrepancy between surveys, be sure to use
the image file data to run the TVD calculation.

General - TerraStation now has a list of "curve companies" to help keep track of the history of each well curve.

Borehole Imaging - We've added support for the slim FMI tool type.

Stereonets - curve shading cuttoffs are saved with the setup.

TCL - a problem with the ELSE condition in an IF statement has been resolved.

General - geometric and harmonic means have been added to lithology and facies curve summary reports. Zero values are ignored and negative ones are treated as positive due to the limitations of this type of mean.


TS V7.187 28 July, 2010

LAS Data Loading - image orientation data from LAS data is now interpolated.

Borehole Imaging - the depth of investigation default for OBMI data has been changed from 3.5 inches to 0.2 inches.

LIS Data Loading - the pad button sequence when loading MRP data has been reversed.

General - a problem saving a geologic parameter for a single geologic parameter zone has been fixed.

LAS Data Loading - orientation data can be added to an existing image even if caliper data is missing.

IMAGELog - a potential problem with facies entry has been resolved.

TS V7.186 15 July, 2010

Formation View - a problem with creating a new template has been resolved.

Correlation - some extraneous lines through cross sections have been removed. These occurred in very specific conditions when text was in vertical mode and the bottom header active.

Formation View - a histogram option has been added to formation view tracks.

Formation View - a problem recomputing image orientation has been resolved.

Formation View - symbols are now retrieved correctly for truncated picks.

Mapping - a error message about a missing "BTT" file has been turned off. This message was innocuous and did not indicate a real problem, but it was irritating.

General - data can now be "pasted" from the copy buffer into the end of Auxiliary data files.

TS V7.185 30 June, 2010

IMAGELog - The location of core image photos can now be recomputed from the Driller's Depth and Offset values. Core photos are positioned using the Top and Bottom depths. The Driller's Depth is retained only for reference. However, this option permits you to reposition core photos so the top is moved to "Driller's Depth + Offset".

IMAGELog - a lithology/facies key can now optionally be displayed in a seperate window.

IMAGELog - The lithology/facies track now has an option to remove thin beds. This is found under the Data Operations button. Any beds below a specified thickness can be removed using this option.

IMAGELog - a problem with dip filtering on picks has been resolved.

IMAGELog - a new option has been added to the borehole shape track, the Caliper QC option. This draws a QC plot for the caliper data at the specified interval.

Borehole Imaging - users can now set a default depth of investigation for various tools using the configuration file fmvtool.v70.

Borehole Imaging - the Slim Earth Imager tool is now supported.

IMAGELog - a problem with inverting JPEG images in the core image track has been fixed.

IMAGELog - an option to annotate interval lines on dip display tracks has been added.

Dip Analysis - Fracture Separation has been added to the Group Editing options under Dip Data Control.

Petrophysics - a possible crash condition in the Petra lithology module has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Merlin - linear and polynomial regression analysis can now use curves other than from the well file. For example, one can do regressions on curves from image data.

Sonic Waveform - an option to table edit the sonic waveform data directly has been added to the "Tool Parameters" tab of the Sonic Waveform track configuration.

Borehole imaging - Pick Editing - the pick quality values can now be configured for keys 1, 2, 3, or 4 to user specified values. They default to 20, 40, 60, or 80% quality initially, with 0 always being 0 and 5 always being a quality ranking of 1.

Data Loading - the LAS loader can now add orientation data from LAS files to an existing image.

Dip Analysis - a lithology/facies column can now be added to stereonets in dip analysis using the Display Preferences - Strat/Lith/Facies Track tab.

Well Collections - a collection of wells can be created based on the presence of the various auxiliary files. This can be used to obtain a list of all wells in the project which have pick files, for example. (Or all which don't.) This can be useful for data management purposes.

TS V7.184 10 June, 2010

Plotting - the ability to move JPEG images inserted in TerraStation plot files now functions correctly.

Plotting - the "line weight factor" for PDF output has been increased. This should improve the distinction between line thicknesses in PDF drawings.

Borehole Imaging - some new options have been added to the fracture separation calculation.

TCL - error messaging has been improved.

Dip Analysis - annotation and bubble help have been improved.


TS V7.183 4 June, 2010

Sonic Waveform - the semblance contour pop up window now plots correctly.

Borehole Imaging - the pick aperature calculation for steep picks has been improved.

Borehole Imaging - a new option to display image pixels used in the aperature calculation has been added.

Map Export - a problem with units when exporting map data has been resolved.

Data Loading - some new Earth Imager mnemonics are now supported.

TS V7.182 26 May, 2010

Plot Dispatch - a problem with long file names that could cause computer memory issues has been fixed.

Borehole Imaging - a problem with missing picks when not depth sorted has been resolved. This problem was introduced in TS V7.181.

Borehole Imaging - a problem when creating terminated picks has been addressed. This was also introduced with TS 7.181.

Borehole Imaging - logarithmic operations have been added to the bulk image data editor.

Petrophysics - some rare crash conditions when current well is not completely initialized have been fixed.

TS V7.181 20 May, 2010

Data Export - when exporting curves, the minimum and maximum of the depth intervals are now rounded to an exact well increment. This can prevent problems when reloading the data under some circumstances.

Borehole Imaging - handling for picks that are nearly parallel to the borehole path has been improved.

TCL - support has been added for nested "if" statements.

Petrophysics - the text appearance and annotation has been improved for netpay, histograms and ternary diagrams.

Petrophysics - multi-well capability has been added to the probabilistic options in net pay.

Petrophysics - multi-well capability has also been added to the graph options in net pay.

Dip Analysis - a problem initializing azimuth vector plots has been resolved.

Petrophysics - an initial version of multi-well classification/cluster analysis has been completed. Please see the help manual for more information on this.

TS V7.180 6 May, 2010

LAS Data Loading - improvements were made to the LAS 3 loader to make it more robust when loading files with errors.

General - the "standard" name set was tweaked to remove a couple of unlikely naming conventions.

DLIS Export - a problem exporting Dual OBMI data in the incorrect sequence has been fixed.

DLIS Export - depths are now exported as double precision. This eliminates roundoff errors which might be seen when exporting data on metric depths.

Petrophysics - an error with crossplot axis labels when restoring setups has been corrected.

Petrophysics Netpay (Detailed Report Only) - "parameter" values can now be used for net pay cutoffs. This permits the use of interval files for netpay cutoffs, for example.

TCL - some additional warning messages have been added.

Petrophysics Histogram - the "mean" and "mode" are now displayed when doing multiple plots per page.

Petrophysics Equus - NULL handling when constraints are active has been changed. Previously, when doing an Equus calculation, if a constraint was active and the depth failed the constraint, a null value would be written to the output curve. This has been changed so that whatever value is present in the output curve is left alone, with no change.

TS V7.179 21 April, 2010

Plotting - a TIFF inversion option has been added.

Plotting - support for "bigTiff" formats has been added. This is an expanded TIFF format for large drawings. Plots which are small enough that they do not require the expanded format are drawn in standard TIFF format.

Borehole Imaging - the color order of the histogram has been fixed when reverse color mode is on.

Correlation - a new option for pick display has been added. This option shows the pick marker as a filled circle in the center of the well display where the pick intersects the depth.

IMAGELog - General Setup - Track Header/Footer - an extra control has been added so one can have a sliding header and footer in IMAGELog, but only the header in Correlation.

IMAGELog - when a stratigraphic interval is 0, that is, the top equals the bottom of the interval, the notation is drawn horizontally just above the interval line.

Correlation - a problem which prevented borehole image pick display under certain MD/TVDSS combinations has been resolved.

IMAGELog - positioning of rose diagrams and stereonets within the interval has been improved for screen displays. They are now centered in the part of the interval being displayed on screen.

Borehole Imaging - support has been added for Recall OBMI and Geolog 16 sector images.

Plotting - a problem with incorrect plotting of symbols in some circumstances has been resolved.

TS V7.178 8 April, 2010

General - when drawing finely sampled curves on screen, curves are subsampled to improve display performance. A problem with this new technique, introduced in 7.177, has been resolved. It would not affect most users. The error resulted in inappropriate depth shifting. This happened in screen displays only, and only at scales higher than 1:240.

General - Curve Source selection support for the recently added 10 additional image file slots now exists.

Sonic Waveform - Brute Force Method - a new method for computing anisotropy angle has been added. It computes semblance based shear for all angles (between 0 and 180) to find the angle where it is fastest.

Data Loading - support has been added for RAB high resolution images and Recon sonic waveforms.

Petrophysics - a possible problem with X axis histogram appearing to not display (histogram color identical to background color) has been fixed.

TS V7.177 1 April, 2010

Plotting - a display refresh problem drawing when adding overlay plots has been fixed.

Mapping - when contouring multiple surfaces, the contour method was incorrectly displayed for the second surface. This has been corrected.

General - resistivity values (e.g. RW, RMF, etc.) that are obtained from a well curve are not temperature corrected. The program assumes the values are already correct for the depth.

Borehole Imaging - a QC curve column can now be added when calibrating images.

Holeshape Track - a problem with the display of pad 1 when tool has 6 arms and is excentered has been fixed.

Holeshape Track - ellipses will not be drawn if caliper data is missing.

Auxuiliary Data Loading - Overwrite mode has been removed since it is usually not appropriate for irregularly sampled data.

Plotting - a problem with varying line thicknesses in PDF output has been fixed.

Formation Viewer/ Pick Edit - added quick access to individual category editor from pick editing.

Header and Title Box Editor - added support for lithology, facies, and pick keys.

Petrophysics/ Crossplot - multiwell plots now have the ability to highlight up to 10 wells within the plot.

Synthetic Seismogram - increase maximum number of checkshots to 500.

IMAGELog/ Curve Shifting - shifted operations can now be applied to irregularly sampled curves.

TS V7.176 24 March, 2010

Borehole Imaging - if a non valid pick is "accepted" (by the user), the system will remain in "Add Pick" mode to give the user a second chance to get it right.

Borehole Imaging - picks loaded from external sources, not associated with any image file, can now be added to the display via an "All Other" source option on the Pick Options/ Source tab.

Borehole Imaging - The redisplay of the symbol when a truncated pick is changed to an untruncated one has been improved.

Mapping - a problem introduced in TS version 7.175 has been resolved. The "special" functions which display facies pie charts and summary tables in a map setting were not functioning correctly.

Mapping - The "special" display function for mapped rose diagrams now positions the annotation correctly.

IMAGELog - Rose Diagram track & Dipmeter Analysis - a "mirror azimuth" option has been added to rose diagram plots. It is called "Orientation" and is essentially a strike plot rotated 90 degrees.

Borehole Imaging - some problems with the hole shape export and pick reports when using intervals have been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - image "training" can now be done on dynamic images as well as static ones.

Borehole Imaging - the number of image file slots for a well has been increased from 20 to 30.

Plotting - the theoretical maximum plot length has been increased from 208 feet to 500 feet (when using 400 DPI). This maximum may be subject to format limitations. For example, BMP file limits are considerably smaller.

General - some problems in the find/replace function for tables have been resolved.

Plotting - a warning about potential display problems in other software packages has been added for large PDF drawings.

Petrophysics - Netpay - a problem restoring saved net pay setups has been fixed.

TCL - rock elastic properties can now be computed using a TCL subroutine called ELASTICS. See the online help for details on the call.

Data Loading - a problem when merging well data has been corrected.

Borehole Imaging - annotation has been expanded on popup image histograms.

Sonic Waveform - a "band pass" label has been added to the detailed frequency spectrum display.

Sonic Waveform - Slowness - DT Separation. This allows the 'distance' between the computed DTC and DTS to be constrained when using the semblance method. It can now be controlled by the user. Choose either a factor or the Poisson's ratio.

TS V7.175 4 March, 2010

IMAGELog - a new shading legend option has been added to curve track headers. To activate the shading legend option, enter a "Shading Description" under the Display Attributes for the shaded curve. Note that the Curve Name labeling under the Header/Options panel must also be checked.

IMAGELog - track header labeling has been improved, especially for vertical curve labels in track footers.

IMAGELog - a new button option has been added when doing interval control for such things as rose diagrams. The option is called "Remove Gaps". It modifies the intervals so that when the bottom of one interval is within four depth increments of the top of the next interval, the gap is closed. The bottom of the upper interval is moved to equal the top of the lower interval. The change is written into the interval file for subsequent use.

This function can be used for both interval files and stratigraphy files.

TS V7.174 25 February, 2010

Petrophysics - the Equus equation editor option now appears on the main Petrophysics panel, for easier access. You must still have a license to this to actually access it.

General - a problem with left and right arrow response when typing text into a dialog box has been resolved. (Corrects a problem introduced in 7.172)

Petrophysics - coordinates for netpay reports are now reported as of the top depth for the processed interval.

Dip Analysis - Dip Diagram resolved an issue of not displaying the data if no grouping had more than one pick in it.

Petrophysics - Netpay - the detailed report summations that are comma separated and 'rotated' now display the X,Y coordinate of the top of each zone in deviated wells. Also added the curve cutoff information to the bottom of comma separated reports for future reference purposes.

TCL - resolved an issue with the argument list for the BHC_RES subroutine call.

TS V7.173 17 February, 2010

Borehole Imaging - configurations for exporting picks can now be saved and restored to simplify exporting planar picks. A configuration for exporting one category of picks, e.g. breakouts, should not be used to export another pick category such as faults.

Borehole Imaging - a new image file diagnostic option has been added to the QC tab.

IMAGELog - a problem with the erroneous posting of NA on IMAGELog drawings has been resolved.

Curve Utilities - data units for orientation data are now honored when creating an image from curves.

LAS Loading - improved units handling when creating images via the LAS loader.

LAS Loading - run numbers can now be appended.

TVD Module - the program now ensures that the entire logged interval is processed when loading TVD in batch mode.

Curve Utilities - the Tool Type setting has been improved when creating an image from well curves. The tool type is taken from the image file slot used.

Petrophysics/ EQUUS - an option has been added to copy curve ranges and units from the input curve.

TS V7.172 11 February, 2010

Sonic Waveform - can now be accessed directly from the main menu.

Sonic Waveform - semblance calculations can now be spliced using the mute boundaries.

IMAGELog - the pick type is now displayed with the other pick information when "interrogating" picks.

Geopolitical Data - a bitmap can now be displayed on a geopolitical basemap. To use this option, add the bitmap in frame fit mode, accept, then hit the register button. Finally, click on bitmap to get the registration panel. This pattern can be repeated.

Borehole Imaging - a possible misdraw of partial picks has been corrected.

Sonic Waveform - maximum computed semblance slowness is now the greater of 300 or the highest slowness window value.

Borehole Imaging - an option has been added on the Tool Attributes tab to permit caliper data to be imported from another image.

TCL - a rare problem which would cause multi well TCL processing to halt before completing all the wells has been fixed.

Dip Analysis - a problem displaying stereonet grid labels, introduced in version 7.171, has been resolved.

DLIS Data Loading - PWFX type sonic waveform data can now be loaded. This mnemonic is used by some vendors to combine 4 waveforms into a single array.

Geopolitical Data - a new GIS_LAYERS file has been added to tslabels.v70. This control file permits customization of layer information within a geopolitical display.

TS V7.171 5 February, 2010

Petrophysics - some minor user interface issues in crossplotting and formation evalution have been fixed.

Correlation - a potential scale corruption and TerraStation halt when saving the general configuration in cross sections has been resolved.

IMAGELog - borehole visualization has been improved.

DLIS loading - an earlier problem with curve units when reloading orientation data recurred in V71.69 and V71.70. The fix has been reinstated.

TS V7.170 28 January, 2010

Dip Analysis - stereonet grid labels can now be suppressed.

IMAGELog - a problem with shading for "stacked" curves has been resolved. This corrects a problem that was introduced in TS version 7.169.

IMAGELog - a "reversed" color map can now be saved with the IMAGELog template.

Well Data Management - multi curve listing reports can now list wells by UWI, and paging can be suppressed to simplify transfer of data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Geopolitical Import - layer support has been expanded to include all incoming data formats.

TS V7.169 21 January, 2010

Borehole Imaging - Analysis . Rectangle and Linear selection modes have been disabled for sand counts since they do not apply.

IMAGELog - a problem when shading "fast" curves (under certain conditions) has been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - perspective control for the Borehole Visualization window display has been improved. It now uses the keyboard arrow, Page Up and Page Down keys, as well as the mouse wheel and holding down the left mouse button to allow you to orientate the display.

Data Loading - the "perf" section of the Auxuiliary data loader has been extended to allow number of shot holes and the hole diameter to be stored.

Petrophysics - one may now turn off the well key when producing a multi well histogram in 'split' or 'stacked' mode.

Data Loading - a suffix may be specified during curve loading to improve identification of curves loaded in different sesions.

General - several "preferences" have been added to permit users to specify default options for the initial edit mode when adding data via IMAGELog tracks, IMAGELog track header control, multiple LIS image handling, and the persistence of add mode when adding planar picks.

General - a problem with units in the "Edit Z" table has been resolved.

Petrophysics - EQUUS Conditionals - NULL values are now handled as 'valid' data instead of being ignored.

Petrophysics - Curve Utilities - Net to Gross. A problem with the computation when the depth interval was not the full well interval has been addressed.

TS V7.168 14 January, 2010

Note: this release was an internal TERRASCIENCES release only.

LIS Data Loading - users can now specify a suffix to be added to incoming curves to help users distinguish various log runs.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - enhancements have been added to RFT crossplots.

TS V7.167 06 January, 2010

IMAGELog - Facies/Lithology Track - Pie Charts. We have improved readability of labels on pie charts with small 'slices' - only in connected mode

IMAGELog - Facies/Lithology Track - Pie Charts. The ability to use curve constraints on lith/facies charts has been added.

Well Import - Well History/engineering File. The ability to replace existing entries with incoming ones that are of the same type and close in depth (0.01 ft) has been added.

Petrophysics - Curve Properties - Functions - a problem which could cause the inadvertent deletion of curves (introduced in 7.165) has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Crossplot. For RFT/MDT plots, if using Well History/Engineering file for the source of the pressure data, only the RFT entries from this file are used.

Petrophysics - Crossplot. A histogram of the X and Y axis data can now be displayed within the plot. This is for single well displays only. Colors are fixed, and the histograms use 50 bins.

Petrophysics - Crossplot. An issue with the application of constraints in crossplots (added in TS V7.166) has been fixed.

Plot Editor - the text search method has been improved for locating right justified text.

Borehole Imaging - a new option to draw the image data as curves with shading to denote the data range has been added. Set the Display Form on the General Tab of the Formation View Options to Curve. Set the Curve Range Control on the Curve Form tab to Trace Range. You can also adjust the curve colors there.

TS V7.166 23 December, 2009

Borehole Imaging - pick displays can be turned on and off in image tracks using the F9 key.

IMAGELog - when displaying the "full interval", user can now control the percentage of the full interval that is being displayed. Stored IMAGELog templates will not remember any "full interval" settings as a result of this change.

IMAGELog - an option for fitting the image width to the screen window has been added to the Options pulldown menu. Use the "Fit Width Percent" to zoom the window to the desired percentage.

IMAGELog - one can now add a title to depth tracks. As a reminder, multiple lines of text can be used for a title if you put a backslash character in where you want the line breaks.

IMAGELog - breakout hole shape information can be exported to pick set D for use in rose diagrams.

IMAGELog - units handling for dialog entry of values has been improved. Users can enter values in cm, mm, inches, feet, or meters and values will automatically be converted to the appropriate unit.

IMAGELog - an option to remove gaps from lithology and facies files. This will match the bottom of the interval with the next lower feature top if the gap is less than the maximum specified. Features must match by catgory, type and subtype.

Borehole Imaging - when picking with the Cursor mode set to X mode, the final (right-click) X will be ignored by the line fitting algorithm, as the cursor is often not positioned on the feature being picked, when terminating the picking of that feature.

Borehole Imaging - options have been added to report or remove duplicate picks.

Borehole Imaging - drawing of truncated picks has been improved to reduce gaps.

IMAGELog - a preference to start geological/ histogram, symbol, and comment editing in "Add" mode has been provided.

IMAGELog - Hole Shape track. A problem with the Caliper Breakout plot when using 4 arm tools has been corrected.

IMAGELog - plotting from IMAGELog will now remember the previous settings for output type, destination file, and scaling.

DLIS and LIS Data Export - well selection in single well mode has been improved and defaults to the current well.

Petrophysics - the curve copy utility now handles varying depth increments better.

Borehole Imaging - oriented caliper plot now permits user to specify the maximum caliper value. The default is still 10.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - improvements made to the pressure/depth plotting capability. This includes the following:
Right click on a gradient line and select Excess Pressure plot using that gradient.
Right click on a line and ability to clip the line above or below the point you clicked at on the line.
If using a depth (MD or TVDSL) curve on the Y (vertical) axis, When you zoom in on the crossplot the depth interval shown on the Log Tags stays consistent with the Y axis range.

General - added a bold font capability, intended primarily for use in IMAGELog headers.

TS V7.165 17 December, 2009

IMAGELog - Lithology/Facies track/Summary. The default whisker plot range method can now be controlled by the user. If you would like to set this, please contact your TERRASCIENCES support representative for information on how to do it.

IMAGELog - Lithology/Facies track/Summary. The category color can now be used for facies whisker plots.

IMAGELog - General Engineering, Core Data, Lithology, and Facies tracks. Interrogating with the mouse provides more information on an entry than just the depth.

General - saved color maps are always saved to userdata. This prevents the possibility of having multiple variants of the same named color map.

Borehole Imaging - pick options can now be directly reached by a right click option from the pick editing menu.

Borehole Imaging - when orientation, caliper, and other "slow" curves are imported from the curve data, units conversions will be applied if necessary.

Plotting - the rotate checkbox is now deactivated if the configuration has a defined rotation setting.

Plotting - default TIFF plotting parameters have been adjusted to better handle image positioning and size.

Borehole Imaging - button equalization can now be done separately for each pad.

Borehole Imaging - pad 1 can be displayed using a defined color.

Petrophysics - the Fast Formation Evaluation module now permits direct access to temperature constants.

Borehole Imaging - picks may now be exported to separate files by category or subcategory.

Borehole Imaging - a secondary sort option has been added for pick tables. Primary sort by left click on column heading of column. Then right click on column heading of seondary sort column and select Secondary Sort from the menu that appears.

Dextr - Dextr operations will now return a zero thickness if the top of the zone equals the bottom of the zone. Previously, a small thickness would be returned if that depth passed the thickness constraint.

DLIS Data Loading - the load table for sonic waveform data now displays the curve mnemonic found in the incoming data file for the given waveform set.

TS V7.164 9 December, 2009

Borehole Imaging - several improvements have been made to improve the program flow when handling picks.

1. The alert when completing a pick transform has been removed.
2. The confirmation of pick deletion has been removed, this was significantly impacting work speeds.
3. A new preference setting permits the user to keep pick editing in "Add" mode until user performs a "right click delete".
4. On the Pick Data Options window, the "Delete All Picks" button has been moved to the Group Editing tab.
5. The column angle is now displayed in the odometer when picking breakouts.
6. The dip test for tadpole interrogation has been improved.
7. One can now control the default state for dip grouping when adding a dip type track (tadpole, rose, etc).
The setting can be none, group by category, or group by subcategory. Currently done via a setting in
8. Pick and Breakout Options - Group Editing tab. - A merge option for picks has been added to the group editing list.
When using this merging function, the "Select Picks" button can now be used to copy OR delete individual picks interactively.
9. Pick and Breakout Options - Group Editing tab. - added ability to set the VALUE field of selected picks.
10. Pick and Breakout Options - Functions tab. Fracture Separation. You can now decide to compute the separations betwen all picks, picks of the same catgoy, or picks of the same sub-category. Only the latter options was performed before now.

- the curve properties Function tab now contains an option to convert angle units from degrees to radians or vice versa.

General - the system is better protected against setting the curve category to MD, which can cause problems for non MD curves.

Sonic Waveform - a tabular display of the data has been added. No editing allowed, just viewing. It is on the Tool Parameters tab of the Waveform track configuration.

Petrophysics - Curve Utilities - a "segmented rescale" option has been added to permit rescaling for up to five segments of a curve.

Sonic Waveform - a problem with the offsets when using the curve overlay on a semblance computation has been fixed.

Sonic Waveform - the T-R1 computed slowness is now computed at the correct depth offset.

Sonic Waveform - the first arrival rectangle and depth control has been added to the slowness tab.

Sonic Waveform - slownesses can now be set interactively on the semblance contour detail display.

Dip Analysis - one can select a polygon of points for the application of dip rotation.

Dip Analysis - one can now export the statistical report in CSV format. Right click on the main display and select Stats Report (comma delimited).

Dip Analysis - Stereonet- the vector mean of a group of points can now be used as the rotation point.

Dip Analysis - Stereonet - Group reporting. The fold axis can be computed from a group of points, or between groups of points.

Borehole Imaging - the EarthImager (OBEI) button spacing has been changed from 0.25 to 0.327 in the control file fmvtool.v70.

Borehole Imaging - Tool Attributes tab - a new attribute, the hexagonal device tool attribute, can be set to force an ex-centered display.

General - a fluvio-deltaic group has been added to the standard facies group. The carbonate facies group has been expanded.

TCL - a problem with slow data processing for readonly curves introuduced in v7.163 has been resolved.

Petrophysics - Porosity Models - a units problem with the neutron/density porosity calculation has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - one can now set the A,M,N, Rw and TRw well constants from the Pickett plot options.

Well Import - TVD - the incoming file format deciphering routine has been improved.

DEXTR - the constraint for the second curve was not honored when combining two curve computations. This has been fixed.

DLIS Data Loading - some problems with OBMI mnemonic recognition have been resolved.

TS V7.163 24 November, 2009

Plotting - an issue with text being posted beyond map limits has been resolved.

General - a problem displaying image curve data in the curve "echo" function has been resolved.

Formation View - QC Plots - a potential memory issue with caliper crossplots has been resolved.

IMAGELog - curve label ranges are now written in the correct direction in the track header when using the Vertical Down setting.

Data Loading - support has been added for Weatherford CMI C_ mnemonics.

Petrophysics - Ternary - background color can be specified for ternary display diagrams. Ternary diagrams can now be done in multi zone mode.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - the "defined region" of a crossplot can now be moved, Simply click and drag it with the mouse. The color of the statistical region can now be changed.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - if no line fitting is active then the mean of the X and Y axis curves is displayed along the bottom of the display.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - the end points of the components triangle can now be dragged and moved with the mouse.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - a 3D mode has been added for crossplot displays. This is for display only. There are no analytical options available.

Petrophysics - Merlin - log to linear conversions can now be done "on the fly" in the Merlin statistics module for several of the computations. Simply click on the curve in the listing window to toggle the curve scale type.

Petrophysics - Normalizing (Histogram) - several improvements mainly to allow cumulative frequency display without the additional histogram information being displayed.

Plot Editing - the text search method has been improved. This makes it easier to find a specific text string when user wishes to change it.

Sonic Waveform - the Frequency Spectrum detail window now shows the same receiver as the waveform track.

Sonic Waveform - annotation on the Detailed Semblance window has been improved.

Mapping - a problem with scale bar positioning has been resolved.

TVD - comma delimited files (with the extension .csv) are now recognized as a valid TVD input file type.

TCL - STATUS command . the curve units are now included in STATUS reports.

TCL - if a READONLY curve is the destination for the result of an equation, then TCL processing is terminated immeadiately.

TCL - CREATE CURVE - if the curve named exists but is READONLY, then a new version of a curve is created.

DLIS Data Loading - multiple sonic waveforms can now be loaded in a single DLIS pass.

DLIS Data Loading - the image file name can be edited during the load sequence.

DLIS Data Loading - the secondary window showing the block report can now be switched off. A control for this has been added to User Preferences / Miscellaneous/ Input/Output.

General - a problem with the Hotine Oblique Mercator projection has been resolved.

TS V7.162 21 October, 2009

General - High resolution bitmap images such as BMP and TIFF are now subsampled. This reduces the amount of computer memory required and should improve program performance.

Borehole Imaging - an unusual problem with terminating picks when in Edit Details mode has been fixed.

Sonic Waveform - the first motion recognition algorithm has been improved.

General - A rare crash condition when using intervals to control the depth, and the interval used a missing Z variable name as either a top or the base, has been resolved.

Geopolitical Data Loading - user can now select an attribute to be loaded as text from SHAPE (.dbf) files.

TS V7.161 14 October, 2009

Plotting - text clipping has been improved for inserted plots. This resolves a problem with maps inserted into correlation cross section displayes.

General - a problem with curve deletion when compressing well files has been fixed.

Well Collections - the "Alias List" option for searching by curve names has been removed. This is because the search option requires an exact match (unless using wildcard searches). Users wanting an alias type search should collect wells for each of the curve name variants separately and combine the results.

Log Data Loading - any expansion of wells during data loading will be done to an integral multiple of the well increment. This ensures no loss of data integrity.

Correlation - the display of picks has been fixed in correlation cross section well displays.

Sonic Waveform - the semblance peak resolution computation has been improved.

Petrophysics - a problem with multi-zone labels for net pay during the first pass has been fixed.

Petrophysics - a problem with multi well linear regression f-test computations in the Merlin module has been resolved.

TS V7.160 8 October, 2009

Correlation - the "Set Active Pick" option has been added to the right click list.

Sonic Waveform - the current slowness curves are now saved with the data, not with the IMAGELog template.

Correlation - a problem with map limits not being honored when posting a map on the cross section has been improved.

Constant Data Loading - a problem with constants being incorrectly assigned has been fixed. This problem caused constant names which were substrings of another constant name to be misidentified. I.e. TRMC could be mistaken for TRM.

DLIS Data Loading - several issues which generally affected sonic waveform data have been resolved. These were mostly related to units handling.

DLIS Data Loading - some incorrect behaviors when selecting DLIS files (and starting TerraStation) via Windows Explorer have been fixed.

TCL - the TCL file name is now written into well curve audit trail entries.

TS V7.159 1 October, 2009

General - Symbol and Pattern selectors. Symbol and pattern names are displayed in a 'bubble text' box as the cursor moves over them.

General - the well name is now saved in the curve shift file.

General - Header Command Language - Added several new commands: TOP INTERVAL, BOTTOM INTERVAL, ILTRACK, ZTOP and ZBOT. See the online help for details.

IMAGELog - Hole Shape track Fixed the issue of hole shape depth frequency being ignored when in ellipse mode.

IMAGELog/Correlation - improved drawing of tadpole tails on deviated well xsections.

IMAGELog - Curve Track - The floating window value of curves with a logarithmic scale, now shows the raw curve value, and not the 'log' of the curve value.

IMAGELog - when moving tracks, all overlay tracks that are 'beneath' the track being moved are now also moved.

IMAGELog - Tadpole track - Fixed saving of the apparent dip computation setting in tadpole tracks.

Borehole Imaging/Dip Analysis - picks can be filtered on pick azimuth for tadpoles, stereonets, and other pick displays.

Borehole Imaging - for OBMI displays, the shift of the lower tool has been corrected to account for offset orientation data.

Borehole Imaging - a processed image can now be saved as "fixed static". This normalizes the image values within the range of 0 to 127.

Borehole Imaging - an UNDO option has been added for resetting image statistics.

Well Data Export - fast frequency curves can now be exported.

Curve Splicer - you can now right click on a curve in the display and access the Curve Properties window for that curve.

Petrophysics - Merlin - Fixed a problem with output curves not being correctly created.

Petrophysics - Petra/Statlith - resolved an issue with the coefficient table becoming confused when removing/adding curves/components.

Petrophysics - Statlith - added warning messages when STATLITH interval processed does not match the uncertainty intervals.

TS V7.158 16 September, 2009

Sonic Waveform - the number of receivers on the Tool Parameters Tab has been increased to 14.

Sonic Waveform - a depth reference offset parameter has been added. Within TerraStation, the depths are assumed to be recorded at the middle receiver. If the actual depth reference is elsewhere, a constant adjustment should be entered. This value is in feet and is positive in the direction of the transmitter.

IMAGELog - a problem selecting curves from an IMAGELog display has been fixed. This did not work correctly when nulls were being skipped in the drawing.

General - several new ellipsoids have been added to those available for map projections.

DLIS Data Loading - some units problems with depth intervals for sonic waveform data have been resolved.

General - a potential crash when expanding wells that contain "fast channel" curves has been fixed.

IMAGELog - a problem when drawing image curves that have values missing at regular depth intervals has been corrected.

Data Export - a rare crash condition when selecting the curve for Jewels format output has been resolved.

TS V7.157 9 September, 2009

Petrophysics - users can now control the output increment in curve utilities.

IMAGELog - the number of lithology and facies categories has been increased to 15.

IMAGELog - A problem with the number of geologic sub-columns being restricted to 20 has been addressed.

- curve existence tests have been improved for the @KEY function, and the maximim line length has been increased to 512 characters.

TVD - a problem with the dogleg severity computation has been corrected.

Dip Analysis - picks can be deleted from stereonet displays.

Crossplots - logtags - the display of irregularly sampled data from "auxiliary data files" now uses symbols instead of a line.

Fault Seal Analysis - some user interface issues have been improved.

General - the Hotine Oblique Mercator projection has been added, along with the Borneo RSO projection.

DLIS Data Loading - some functions on the curve configuration table had inadvertently been disabled for the last couple of releases. This has been fixed.

Map Data Loading - a crash condition when loading a single well in "One Line Per Z" mode has been fixed.

IMAGELog - an initial version for a wireframe 3D borehole view plot has been added.

TS V7.156 26 August, 2009

Correlation & IMAGELOG - a new option to use a Z variable abbreviation for pick labels has been added to the system. The abbreviation can be configured under the Z properties panel, or if not explicitly set, will be the first eight characters of the Z Variable name.

IMAGELog - null values from image file curves are now plotted correctly in IMAGELog.

IMAGELog - the depth basis used in the previous IMAGELog session is now saved for use on reentry to IMAGELog.

IMAGELog - the "azimuth of origin" can now be graphically selected on core image tracks.

IMAGELog - the right edge can now be truncated in core image tracks.

Borehole Imaging - Robertson's televiewer data can now be saved to a pseudo image.

Borehole Imaging - increment references in formation view analysis can now be seen as either "curve density" or "increment".

LAS Loading - a crash condition at the end of LAS data loading has been resolved.

LAS Loading - some problems loading images from LAS files have been resolved.

Stereonets - the dip data computation labeling has been improved.

Petrophysics - a problem with multiwell cross plots (when curves were selected from the alias list) has been resolved.

DLIS Data Loading - units handling for image orientation data has been improved.

DLIS Data Loading - a problem where caliper assignments are incorrect (when loading images) has been fixed.

TS V7.155 20 August, 2009

Borehole Imaging - the GPIT (general purpose inclinometry tool) offset is now added when FCAZ curves are displayed as a curve with the acceleration correction active.

LAS Data Loading - the LAS loader has been improved to deal correctly with defective LAS files where the step value is set to 0.

General - inter window communications have been improved so newly loaded log data is recognized in other open windows. This also resets the current depth interval in other windows if the loader changes it.

IMAGELog - a gas chromatograph display option is now provided for CMR displays.

- individual cumulative frequency curves can now be displayed when normalizing curves.

- a new curve normalizing method has been added.

Borehole Imaging
- under "Pick Data Options", one can now select "Apparent Dips" as one of the computed displays. This can be used in various track displays that show planar picks, such as image and tadpole tracks.

DLIS Data Loading
- a redundant table display of incoming data has been removed.

Map Data Loading - a problem loading projected coordinates into maps has been resolved.

Dip Analysis Module
- the number of ranks available for discrimination has been increased to 10.

Well Collections - a problem resetting the depth interval (introduced in 7.154) has been resolved.

TS V7.154 6 August, 2009

IMAGELog - Stratigraphy track. When using the Well Stratrigraphy file as the source, you can now grab and move the top and bottom boundaries of an entry within the track.

IMAGELog - Stratigraphy and Lithology/Facies tracks. We have added the Display Full Interval capability to these track types.

IMAGELog - Comments Track. We now interpret multiple consecutive backslash characters in the comment text as new-line indicators. In the past we only added one newline even if there were two or more backslashes.

IMAGELog - Color Coded Curve track. We addressed a display problem when using a high frequency curve as the 'Overlay' control curve.

IMAGELog - Lithology/Facies track Summary Export. Curve bar graphs. There is now an Options menu on this window that allows the bar color to be changed, and the choice of inter-quartile or std deviation plots.

IMAGELog - Lithology/Facies track Summary Export. Group Control-Option. There is now an report option that includes thickness of each unit when doing a detailed depth listing report.

Petrophysics - Netpay. When using the IGNORE setting as the cutoff method, we added a check to avoid including -999 (default values) in the computations.

Petrophysics - Constants table and GLP and RUN parameter file editors. Added ability to flip the temperature units or values and units. Right click in the table header area to access them.

Formation Viewer - added the image data min and max to the color bar in the track header if using static, equal increment mode.

Well Import - DLIS Loader. Initial block data report is now displayed in a separate window so it can be referenced througout the loading process.

Well Import - if adding an interval of curves to an existing well, AND that well's current display interval is the full well interval, then the full well interval settings will be changed to include the newly added section of data automatically.

Mapping - Base Map - Bubble Maps, etc. The curve list presented now uses the Alias Curve list.

tlalias.v70 - added several alias sets to the default alias file. Also added several mnemonics to existing aliases.

TS V7.153 24 July, 2009

IMAGELog - in TS V7.137, track header drawing was changed so missing curves were included in the header annotation. This policy has been changed back so missing curves are not shown in the header.

CGM Plotting - the width limit for CGM drawings has been increased to 3000 inches.

IMAGELog - when interactively editing lithology and facies entries in IMAGELog, the cursor will now change to a horizontal line to improve accuracy when setting tops and bottoms.

DLIS Data Loading - depth unit handling for Sonic Waveform data loading has been improved when the incoming units do not match the well depth units.

DLIS Data Loading - the default setting for loading "fast" curve data is now set to be OFF. This means that incoming fast channel data (if selected) will be loaded at the depth increment of the well. The user can change the setting to load all of the data if desired.

TS V7.152 15 July, 2009

IMAGELog - an annotation option has been added to rose diagram tracks. This option documents the number of points used in the rose diagram.

Plotting - the size of an "infinite" plotter has been increased for CGM and TerraStation plot files.

Data Loading - some crash conditions when loading LAS borehole image files have been resolved. These crashes occurred when orientation data was missing.

General - a limitation on the maximum number of records in a well has been removed. Previously wells with greater than 2 million records would exhibit various problems.

Petrophysics - "fast" curves can now be used for bedding computations.

DEXTR - thickness computations now always use the correct endpoint strategy and cannot be overridden by the user interface setup.

DEXTR - because the storage for zone interval endpoint handling is unavailable within the map Dextr definition, zoned Dextr sequences do not provide the "Save Command" option. Zoned Dextr operations must save results to a "Fixed Value" Z variable. You can re-run the zone analysis and save the values back to the original Z if necessary.

DEXTR - zone operations in Dextr can only work if Z variables are being used for the zone extents. Error checking has been improved so the user is warned if there is a problem with the zone setup.

TS V7.151 9 July, 2009

Data Loading - several new categories of data can be loaded in the "Auxiliary Data Loading" section. These support loading breakouts, linear features, and IMAGELog header data.

Data Loading - when loading images via LAS, the image orientation data is now interpolated.

Synthetic Seismic - checkshot survey data loading now supports the comma delimited format.

IMAGELog Header Editor - aspect ratio of header is now preserved during editing.

Petrophysics - access to the Z color map editor is improved for color coded crossplots.

Petrophysics - the sequence for well handling has been improved when performing multiwell functions. This should prevent accidentally changing the well after a multiwell operation. Also if using Z Variable depth control mode, the correct map variable values for a well are restored when reverting to single well mode.

IMAGELog - a problem with core widths in narrow (1 inch or less) engineering tracks has been resolved.

Map Loading - the "One Line Per Z" option has been removed. It should be possible to load this type of data via the normal delimited loading sequence. To load a "One Line Per Z" data file, simply identify the column where the Z name appears.

This should be a more powerful method, since it permits a variety of column configurations and is not bound by column order.

Geopolitical Data Loading - CDF files with mixed case keywords can now be loaded.

Geopolitical Data Loading - support for loading projected coordinates has been improved.

General - some new units and curve mnemonics have been added to the system.


TS V7.150 25 June, 2009

Dip Analysis - stereonet contouring now may include pick bias corrections. This option is active when the rose bias correction flag box is checked.

Sonic Waveform - improvements were made to the dipole anisotropy processing.

TS V7.149 19 June, 2009

IMAGELog - a new option has been added to allow users to control the size of lithology/facies pie charts.

Data Export - batch LAS file loading now tests for inconsistencies in depth curve names so all wells can be exported correctly.

Data Import - image data loading from LAS files can now load multiple images.

IMAGELog - some enhancements have been made in the orientation of curves displayed in images.

Sonic Waveform - the first version of the anisotropy module for sonic waveforms is now available. Please let us know of comments or suggestions.

Stress Analysis - the definition of rock properties has been changed to allow more user control.

Petrophysics - bar graph setups can be more easily saved and restored.

TS V7.148 5 June, 2009

IMAGELog - the number of significant digits for curve ranges has been extended to permit finer resolutions of curve displays.

Sonic Waveform - a new option to trace the maximum amplitude of the waveform, and capture this information into a curve has been added.

IMAGELog - a "from" date option for engineering information permits users to distinguish older engineering records from newer ones.

Well Data Import - batch loading of logs now use the current well depth units when loading into an existing well.

LAS Data Export - a problem where IHD header names were incorrect has been resolved.

Map Data Loading - TerraStation now automatically backs up the current map when loading new data into an existing map.

DLIS Data Loading - the "strict image matching" option is now turned off by default. This will result in some images erroneously being identified as present but correctly identifies Dual OBMI images. Dual OBMI images are often split between two data blocks, which causes image recognition problems in TerraStation.

Geopolitical Data Loading - datum conversions can now be applied when loading ASCII, CDF, SHAPE, and MapInfo cultural data. The incoming data must be in lat/long form.

Petrophysics - problems with the upper limit and median values for whisker plots have been resolved.

Petrophysics - borehole corrections can now be applied to "fast" channel curves.

IMAGELog - an option has been added which can be used to create a rectangular grid showing rose diagrams over zones. To use this option, compute a depth curve from the interval data. (Via the new option on the interval control panel.) Then identify this curve as the "Depth Reference" curve for your IMAGELog display. Please contact TERRASCIENCES if you need help using this option.

TS V7.147 22 May, 2009

IMAGELog - a problem with displaying map picks that are computed on the fly (such as an offset from a formation) has been resolved.

Petrophysics - a potential crash in the SPLOM module was fixed.

IMAGELog - the core image setup panel has been expanded to make it easier to adjust the depth values.

IMAGELog - curve shifting can now be applied to "fast" curves.

TS V7.146 14 May, 2009

Formation Viewer - additional annotation has been added to image analysis histograms.

General - where "delete" is enabled in table editing, it can now be accessed via the Delete key.

Formation Viewer - a beta option has been added to compute fracture density curves in batch mode. The configuration file for this is called pckfxbat.v70.

Formation Viewer - truncated picks depths are now defined as being between the mid point of the truncating surfaces for computation purposes. Previously, pick depths were taken as being at the midpoint of the sine wave. This works in most cases, but where picks have been truncated, the valid part of the feature may above or below the midpoint. This provides more accurate results for fracture density and other computations.

Formation Viewer - this new "graphic pick depth", the visible center of selected features, can now be optionally exported.

IMAGELog - the interactive sequence for adding core photos and comments has been simplified to make it easier to add multiple entries.

Petrophysics - fitted line equations in crossplot now use scientific notation if coefficients are sufficiently small.

Header and Title Box Editor - several minor problems have been resolved, as well as improvements including automatically adding the HDR extension to saved header files, user control of reference grid spacing, use of the DELETE key to delete the current item.

DLIS Data Loading - a problem loading CVEL has been fixed.

TS V7.145 1 May, 2009

Sonic Waveform - the FFT and bandpass filters have been improved.

Permeability Module - The stratigraphically modified Lorenz plot and the histograms and text report can now be done in multi zone mode.

Dip Analysis - users can now specify finer increments for the first 10 degrees when color coding by dip in the dip vs azimuth plot. Also, the maximum dip value to be plotted is now user changeable.

Petrophysics - the well selection process for multi well crossplots now immediately displays the well list. This brings it into line with other modules here. It also fixes a problem with the active well being set incorrectly after performing multiple well plots.

Petrophysics - Netpay Graphs - Have improved text size display to allow for larger font where possible.

Correlation - the fence diagram has been improved, in particular, perpendicular deflection is enhanced.

Correlation - fence diagrams can now include a base map display.

ASCII Curve Loading - a warning has been added to notify users that the overwrite failed where the target curve is readonly.

Quick Look LAS Loading - an option has been added to report the header items loaded.

LAS Image File Loading - image button assignments are now cleared after the load for safety.

Plotting - the initial rotation flag has been changed so it attempts to minimize the number of sections printed.

IMAGELog - Facies Track - one can now display the intervals used for facies pie chart tracks.

IMAGELog - Facies Track - Summary/Export - a "curve cloud" option has been added.

LIS and DLIS Loading - support has been added for a new Weatherford OBMI tool.

IMAGELog - an occasional problem with redraws when using the mouse wheel to scroll an IMAGELog display have been improved.

DLIS Data Loading - a problem introduced in 7.140 where accelerometer and orientation units were incorrectly converted has been fixed.

TS V7.144 17 April, 2009

IMAGELog - a new whisker curve plot has been added to facies summaries.

Borehole Imaging - the Fracture Porosity used in Fracture Density computations now comes from the aperature column of the pick file.

DLIS Data Loading - "fast" curve data can now be loaded into the well file as a "fast" curve, i.e. with a finer depth resolution than that of the well file.

Sonic Waveform - performance for the semblance correction algorithm has been greatly improved.

Borehole Imaging - a lower tool offset value for Dual OBMI and OMRI tools can now be configured in the tool attributes tab.

Petrophysics - some new line and line-symbol styles have been added to histograms.

Petrophysics - when copying a curve in the curve utilities section, copying the range is optional.

TCL - an error when making multiple PERCENTILE calls within a single TCL routine has been resolved.

Petrophysics - the TVDSL curve is now labled correctly in crossplots.

Petrophysics - a problem when copying curves to non existing image files has been fixed.

IMAGELog - a problem with interval file creation (introduced in V7.143) has been resolved.

LAS Loading - a problem with interpolation inadvertently being done beyond the specified gap setting has been corrected.

TS V7.143 9 April, 2009

Borehole Imaging - additional information is now stored for planar picks - range, spacing, and aperture are new fields in the .PCK file. The computations that generate these no longer output to the VALUE field of the file. Each now has its own data field.

Borehole Imaging - the "Fracture Size" pick transformation name has been changed to "Bed-Bounded Height".

Borehole Imaging - problems with the category list (when limited) have been resolved. These problems were present in TS V7.141 and 7.142.

DLIS Loading - a problem with SDEV being incorrectly flagged as missing has been fixed.

IMAGELog - curve statistics for facies and lithologies has been added.

TCL - a problem with the PERCENTILE command and the use of 'variable' for storing the result has been addressed. Additionally a possible issue when using interval file zones for depth control has been resolved.

Petrophysics - the Petra "Select Components" option has been improved.

True Vertical Depth - an option for loading azimuthal magnetic declination has been added to the batch loader.

Dip Analysis - the statistics table now includes results for Te (terminated) and Tr (truncated) picks.

General - three new pick symbols have been added.

Map Export - users can now save and restore pick sets when exporting map data.

General - some of the new pick preference options have been added to the user interface under Edit/Preferences/IMAGELog.


TS V7.142 2 April, 2009

IMAGELog - a new column has been added to lithology and facies files, the VALUE column. This is defined as a lithology percentage. When data is present, a lithology pattern can be plotted in IMAGELog based on the percentage.

Map Data Loading - a new option has been added to the Map Import function. This permits users to create a map using well stratigraphy files.

Borehole Imaging - a new preference control has been added which controls how pick type lists are displayed. If this setting is active, only the currently selected categories are shown on the pick type lists.

Dip Analysis - the color coding in Dip vs. Azimuth plots can now be controlled via a user configuration file, stecolor.v70. Users can access this setup under the Edit/ ASCII File Editing / tslabels.v70 option.

Dip Analysis - partial features such as truncated picks can now be patterned separately in dip analysis histogram displays.

DLIS data loading - a problem identifying block data increments correctly for some files has been resolved. This was introduced in TS V7.140.

DLIS data loading - support for loading calipers in Weatherford CMI data has been improved.

Mapping - users can now manually move labels and graphics postings relative to the well spot. To use this feature, click on the Base Map Properties powerbar icon. Set the active tab to "Well Spots". Click on the well spot. A plus sign appears. This represents the coordinate point for the text, i.e. the well name label. Hold the mouse left button down and move the plus to the desired location. A new button, Reset All Label Offsets, can be used to return the labels to their default position.


TS V7.141 25 March, 2009

Sonic Waveform - a problem with the tracking of large amplitude Sonic Waveforms was resolved.

Sonic Waveform - the detail and spectrum displays now offer "odometer" coordinates.

Sonic Waveform - a number of options have been added to sonic waveform processing. These include amplitude and range options for the spectrum display, an option to pick bandpass points, and options to pick and save DTs on semblance detail displays.

IMAGELog - when displaying a track with a "flag" curve, the curve range is now hidden.

DLIS Loading - some additional improvements were made to increment handling.

Map Data Loading - some problems when loading one line per Z value were fixed. These related to attempting to load a point (without coordinates) when the well did not exist on the map.

LIS Data Loading - improved handling of Recall images.

Correlation - users can now set the color and weight of the borehole trace.

IMAGELog - a new "go to saved depth" function has been added via a new power bar button. This attempts to recall the depth of the most recent "significant action".

Petrophysics - frequency crossplots can now be contoured.

TCL - a new option has been added to the LIMITS command to set null values during the operation.

Dipmeter Analysis - users can control placement and other aspects of stereonet keys.

Mapping - users can now extract information from well stratigraphy files into a map.

Plotting - a problem with clipping the rightmost border of some plots has been fixed.

Plotting - zooming out now functions in a "staged" fashion, rather than always zooming back to full size.

I MAGELog - users can now "interrogate" ellipses in hole shape tracks.

TS V7.140 11 March, 2009

General - well history information can now store bottom interval information.

Plotting - a problem with a thin black line appearing at image segment boundaries has been resolved.

LAS Data Loading - To prevent ambiguity, the STRT (start), STOP, and STEP values may only be found in the well information block, per LAS standards.

General - the British Full Date form for displaying date information has been added.

DLIS Loading - improvements were made to increment handling to ignore incidental small depth increments.

IMAGELog - current color, style and weight for lines is now displayed when changing these attributes in the general IMAGELog setup.

DLIS Loading - information detailing the load history for the current session is included at the top of load reports. This lets the user see at a glance which images from a given file have already been loaded.

TS V7.139 4 March, 2009

IMAGELog - interrogation of tadpoles will report the result of any active computation, not the raw value as done previously.

IMAGELog - a circumferential image can now be displayed.

General - a new tool, the "Header and Title Box Editor" has been added to the Tools pulldown menu. This allows users to create IMAGELog headers via a user interface method, rather than a programming language.

Petrophysics - a bar scale for histograms has been added, as well as a method to separate curve histograms by well.

DLIS and LIS export - images with a sample rate greater than 1/10th of an inch can now be exported correctly.

IMAGELog - the sequence of steps to add data to an engineering track has been modified to make the process more efficient.

Curve Utilities - error checking for missing curves has been improved.

Dipmeter Processing - an "odometer" to display screen coordinates has been added to Lorenz plots.

Curve Normalization - the original and normalized curves can now be displayed right of the histogram.

Petrophysics - a bug in probabilistic netpay when cutoffs were changed has been corrected.

IMAGELog - engineering data may be drawn as a filled rectangle rather than the normal symbol.

Project Subsetting - Dextr Z values are now handled correctly.

DLIS Data Loading - support for loading GR curves to images has been added.

TS V7.138 18 February, 2009

Plot Editing - a clipping problem when inserting one plot into another has been resolved.

PostScript - the "transparency" setting will now always use the RGB triple of (255, 255, 255).

Well Curve Export - now supports "fast" and irregularly sampled curves.

Petrophysics - the Free Water Level function has been rewritten.

General - the "depth shift file" for each well is now considered to be part of the overall data for that well. This means that it will be seen from Auxiliary Well data selection menus.

TS V7.137 11 February, 2009

Borehole Imaging - the default value for RB offset has been removed from circumferential tools.

Borehole Imaging - a problem introduced in TS 7.136 with reverse color maps has been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - two new curves, GR and Scratch, have been added to the Image File. The GR can be used for baseline comparison with image values.

Well Data Management - a crash from excessive line length in the multi well curve report has been corrected.

TS V7.136 5 February, 2009

Data Export - DLIS and LIS image export can now include the FCAZ, FTIM, FBGA, and EMEX curves.

IMAGELog - a problem with depth frequencies being accidentally reset to 999 has been resolved.

Plotting - edging in PDF plots at the top of the track has been improved. Previously a small gap appeared.

Plotting - paging in PDF plotting has improved controls when plotting from IMAGELog.

Petrophysics - additional Pickett plot overlays have been added in crossplots.

Petrophysics - a problem with polygon selection when using logarithmic scales has been fixed.

Correlation - cross sections can now be built using wells with identical surface coordinates.

DEXTR - thickness computations based on TVD are now restored properly.

Project Subsetting - if a map is included in the subset, TerraStation will search for map points if the collection does not identify them.

Data Loading - support for loading well curves from WITSML has been added. WITSML files contain some variations in format. If you have problems loading a WITSML file, we would be grateful if you could send us the file so we can fix up the program to properly recognize it.

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