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The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.214 16 March, 2011

TS V7.214 16 March, 2011

Version 7.214 was an internal software release which was not made available to our clients.

Map Data Loading - the loader was made more robust when the occasional unprintable character is encountered.

TS V7.213 9 March, 2011

General - well collections will now search the map for the map point reference.  This permits collections to be used in a map context for multiple maps.

Map Data Management - the map compression operation now retains more information after the compression.

IMAGELog - an overpressure depth and shale indicator has been added to Pressure Model track.

Correlation - a potential crash condition with cross sections containing many wells has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - an option for a lithology or facies track display has been added to the crossplot module. It can be found under the Log Tags functionality.

General - a rare issue with path handling at start up has been fixed.  The problem related to folders which no longer existed.

Mapping - the Edit Z's/Tops editing table has been improved so that "snapped" picks may be edited.

TS V7.212 4 March, 2011

General - a problem when creating graphic output files directly from within IMAGELog (introduced in v7.211) has been fixed.

Sonic Waveform - an issue with the null data value (introduced in v7.208) has been resolved.

Sonic Waveform - a problem filtering the output DT curves in anisotropy mode has been fixed.

IMAGELog - when reclassifying facies, the facies group number in the facies file was not changed.  This has been corrected.

Petrophysics - the temperature computation within zones in deviated wells where the well interval did not cover the SURF TEMP MD  constant depth has been improved.

Synthetic Seismic - a SEGY trace can now be posted on a synthetic display.

DLIS Loading - the handling of incoming depth increments has been improved to ensure greater accuracy

TS V7.211 24 February, 2011

General - when plotting directly to a Windows printer, the program now explicitly asks which printer should be used.

General - some changes were made to the standard curve category and description settings.

Borehole Imaging - the mode for adding picks is left unchanged after an UNDO operation.

TCL - a potential warning message related to string length overflow has been fixed.

Synthetic Seismogram - a simple SEG-Y line data display has been added.

Curve Splicing - a potential crash when right clicking on the output track has been fixed.

TS V7.210 16 February, 2011

TerraStation Version 7.210 was an internal release only.

TS V7.209 10 February, 2011

General - when searching for wells based on an available curve, the function may now be used as part of the search criteria.  This is dependent on the alias rules being set to an Exact match for the function setting.

Synthetic Seismic - users can now control the colors used for most curves on the synthetic seismic display, and also the velocity maximum.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - added the CP-18 Mineral ID from PEF and Spectral GR overlay. Both CP-18 overlays are now available.

Petrophysics - Equus - the curve scale type (Linear/Log) is now copied to the output curve in addition to the units and display ranges, when the checkbox on the Equus panel is checked.

Well Export - a problem with exporting well data in single well mode has been resolved.

TS V7.208 3 February, 2011

Sonic Waveform - track muting availability has been expanded for various sonic waveform displays and data handling options.

Petrophysics - the Echo curve data display now allows the depth sampling to be coarser than the actual depth increment.

Well Data Export - if only a single well is selected for export, the current well collection is not modified.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - the fixed point of the Fixed Point Regression is now retained after batch plotting.

Petrophysics - Merlin - an error with the multiple linear regression report table involving the statistical summary has been resolved.

DLIS Data Loading - the assignment of sonic waveform files has been improved, especially when loading multiple sonic waveform data sets.

TS V7.207 27 January, 2011

Correlation - an option has been added to reset the template for a well in a cross section to the default template.

Sonic Waveform - a curve can now be imported into a sonic waveform trace.  This can be used with an external DT curve to guide the calculation.

Sonic Waveform - a depth shift option has been added which can be applied to sonic waveform data.

Sonic Waveform - "on-the-fly" semblance computations can now be done to reduce the amount of storage required for computed results.

DLIS Loading - a problem in the method for assigning output sonic waveform files has been resolved.  Also the system for capturing sonic waveform constants has been improved.

TVD - additional checking of incoming directional survey files for the well name or UWI.  The extra form takes the first part of input file name until an underscore character is encountered and uses this as the well name (or UWI) for matching purposes. It ony uses this after first trying to use the entire filename as the well name or UWI.

Curve Splicing - a new report capability has been added. It details what curves and what intervals of those curves were used to generate the spliced curve.

Well Collections - a problem with the new system for storing well collections as seperate files has been fixed.

TS V7.206 20 January, 2011

General - well collections may now be saved using a method similar to an IMAGELog template.  This permits easier sharing of collections between users of the same project. The default method has not changed. Activating this new approach requires an addition to your file. You can contact TERRASCIENCES or look in the online help under the Well Selection & Collection chapter for information on how to do this.

Well Data Management - users may now modify the curve properties for multiple curves within a single well.  (From the right click menu in Well Data Management.)

Petrophysics - some issues with creating an array curve from columns of another array curve have been resolved.

DLIS Data Loading - errors in unpacking packed PWFX curves containing sonic waveforms have been corrected.

Petrophysics - button labeling in curve utilities has been improved so that current data selected is better identified.

TS V7.205 12 January, 2011

General - a crash condition when printing from an ASCII report file window has been fixed.

DLIS Data Loading - the interval is cleared correctly when adding image data to an existing image.

General - the Indian 1975 projection has been added as one of the "Custom" projections.

Dip Analysis - the SCAT setup is now saved in a configuration file.

Petrophysics - one can now extract elements from an array curve to build a new array curve in curve utilities.

DLIS Data Loading - some problems with assigning sonic waveform files have been resolved.

TS V7.204 7 January, 2011

General - a "flow" section has been added to the available units.

Sonic Waveform - a crash in the "brute force method" of anisotropy has been fixed.

Petrophysics - a problem with the creation of array cuves in the curve utilities has been fixed.

Petrophysics - the well zone/ curve key can be moved or resized on cross plot and ternary displays.

Petrophysics - some problems with the "highlighted well" function have been resolved.

DLIS loading - orientation curves are now only cleared for the selected interval when loading data into an existing image.

TS V7.203 28 December, 2010

LAS Export - the handling of a TVD curve which is not fully populated has been improved.

Sonic Waveform - the default Baker dipole time step is now 36. Previously it was 40.

General - a problem with the Edit Tops/Z's table which caused duplicate map well points to be created has been fixed.

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