Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.228 22 July, 2011

TS V7.228 21 July, 2011

DLIS Loading - file assignment for sonic waveform data has been improved for better consistency of data organization.

Pick Data Options - a new option has been added to the computations available for linear features.  The new option is the "Linear Feature Direction" option.  It represents the azimuthal "direction" of the linear feature, in degrees constrained from 0 to 180.  This is equivalent to the old "Linear Feature True Azimuth" option.  It is the eastern half compass direction, looking down from above, that the feature points towards.

The True Azimuth option now shows an angle from 0-360, which is the compass direction, looking down from above, from the borehole center to the center point of the feature.  This is the same as the breakout option of the same name. It can be used to indicate direction for features which do not extend through the borehole.

For plotting purposes on dip displays, under both these options a dip of 85 degrees is assigned.

Note: previous IMAGELog templates which stored one of these options may not work as expected since the numbering of the options has changed.

Petrophysics - the decimal precision in Multiple Linear Regression has been improved for small numbers.

Petrophysics - the Archie equation constants A, M, and N are now included in multiwell crossplots.


TS V7.227 14 July, 2011

TS V7.227 14 July, 2011

IMAGELog - the curve shading legend in plot files has been improved.

Plotting - a PostScript issue having to do with a narrow depth track has been fixed.

Auxiliary Well Data Loading - the "rank" can be set from the panel when loading stratigraphy.

Correlation - a problem retrieving saved cross sections with more than 20 wells has been corrected.

Sonic Waveform - the slowness range is no longer limited when muting semblance.

Sonic Waveform - fast and slow semblance computations must be set up explicitly by the user.

Mapping - grid handling has been improved after importing outside map grids.

Petrophysics - probabilistic netpay results can now be sorted by thickness.

DLIS Data Loading - SWF file slot assignments have been improved to better standardize the location of specific waveform types.

Data Loading - a problem with the "standard name" file, tlstdnam.v70, has been fixed.


TS V7.226 7 July, 2011

TS V7.226 6 July, 2011

General - the startup sequence for TerraStation has been changed to eliminate the "splash screen".  This is due to security problems under some Windows firewall settings.  A few users had changed the Target in the startup icon to work around this problem.  Beginning with this release, if you had implemented the work-around, you will need to return it to the original system.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Borehole Imaging- the default depth of investigation has been set to one half inch.

Sonic Waveform - muting for semblance calculations has been improved.

IMAGELog - text display in comment tracks has been changed to prevent words being split.

IMAGELog - a potential crash condition in an interval graph track has been fixed.

Well Data Loading - interpolation has been improved so that original data values are not lost.

Petrophysics - the Hunt-Raymer computation for sonic porosity has been added to the Fast Formation Evaluation operation set.

Dip Analysis - the data source for lithology/facies columns can now be controlled by the user.

True Vertical Depth - the line display parameters for the borehole trace can now be controlled by the user.

Petrophysics - a problem with curve normalization when using interval file zones has been fixed.

TS V7.225 16 June, 2011

TS V7.225 16 June, 2011

Sonic Waveform - Semblance - the semblance algorithm now allows a larger arrival window to be specified.

Sonic Waveform - Data Control - compressional, shear and density data (DTC, DTS, RHO) can be used to compute rock properties.  PR, YME, KMOD, UMOD, VPVS are created as output curves.  This computation takes place over the current depth interval.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - a key has been added to the color-contour map crossplot display.

Plot Output - PDF - we have improved font geometry to allow for better text justification in center and right justified text strings.


TS V7.224 08 June, 2011

TS V7.224 08 June, 2011

Borehole Imaging - "Bent Hole" logic has been enhanced to improve pick representation in horizontal borehole environments.

Sonic Waveform - an optional window can be used to compute the primary anisotropy computation.

Sonic Waveform - a "re-compute" option has been added to permit users to revise the relative angle and other calculations from the original data.

Petrophysics - Bar Graph - up to two values can now be plotted on a whisker plot.

General - a string limitation (potential crash) in IMAGELog header displays has been increased and made more robust.

Dip Analysis - depth based cumulative dip plots can now display lithology and facies track.

Dip Analysis - one may now compute and display a depth from intersecting lines drawn on the cumulative dip plot.

Borehole Imaging - a problem with extending the dip and azimuth values properly (to the bottom of the interval) when using the "Subtract Variable Structures" computation has been resolved.

TS V7.223 01 June, 2011

TS V7.223 01 June, 2011

Borehole Imaging - some new image data transforms have been provided.  These will permit the image to be transformed in such a way that the image represents the invasion zone water saturation, for example. See the help for details.

DLIS Data Loading - additional handling for packed waveforms has been provided.

General- a crash condition that occurred when clicking on a blank cell in the GLP and RUN parameter table has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Net Pay - the probablistic report has an improved error message when lower and upper cutoff ranges are outside of the lower and upper percentile range.

TS V7.222 27 May, 2011

TS V7.222 27 May, 2011

Sonic Waveform - Detailed Combined Display - a problem with threshold lines offsets has been resolved.

DLIS Data Loading - identification of specific sonic waveform types has been improved where mnemonics are used for more than one type of waveform.  

Petrophysics - Bar Graph - the labeling for bar graphs has been improved.

Dip Analysis - a problem with the facies/lithology strip track not displaying has been fixed.

TCL - an initialization problem which could cause erratic control sequences between multiple wells has been corrected.

TS V7.221 19 May, 2011

TS V7.221 19 May, 2011

IMAGELog - Pressure Model track - the Ludwig equation has been added to the pressure modeling track under the Overburden tab.  This calculates density from the sonic log.

IMAGELog - Pressure Model track - the NTL log for pore pressure now uses a logarithmic transform.  One can also filter the NTL log.

IMAGELog - Pick Tags track - pick quality values can now be posted in the pick tag track.

Borehole Imaging /Sonic Waveform - an erroneous link to the semblance popup from the formation view analysis tab has been corrected.

Data Loading - a possible crash condition in the Auxuiliary Well Data loading module has been fixed.

Mapping - the Pulkovo 1942 and PUWG 92 projections (for use in Poland) have been added to the list of available projections.


TS V7.220 13 May, 2011

TS V7.220 13 May, 2011

Sonic Waveform - a "Combined View" popup window is now available to display frequency and wavforms.  One can also pick 2 trace lines to track downhole from this display.

Log Data Export - ASCII output files can now be created in CSV or tab format.

Plotting - a problem with extraneous lines in TIFF output has been fixed.

DLIS Loading - a problem when loading orientation data into an existing image has been resolved.

Correlation - the text size has been reduced on the inset map for a cross section.

TS V7.219 4 May, 2011

TS V7.219 4 May, 2011

Petrophysics - Equus - the EQUUS equation tool now handles the situation where a negative number is raised to an exponential power better.

IMAGELog - Hole Shape track - in a hole shape track, the color of a bit sized centered circle and the long axis of the ellipse can be set by the user.

IMAGELog - a problem displaying map picks when the header mode is set to "automatic/stacking" has been fixed.

General - some problems with TerraStation ASCII files have been corrected.  These could lead to mysterious deletions and file corruptions.

General - some new resisitvity curves have been added to the standard set.


TS V7.218 27 April, 2011

TS V7.218 27 April, 2011

Sonic Waveform - computed fast and slow dipole waveforms can now be saved.

Borehole Imaging - TerraStation now supports up to four facies and lithology files.  Not all user interface options permit access to the extended file set.  Please let us know if you need us to add it for a particular function.

General - some problems with table redraws when pasting in new data have been resolved.

Header Editor - a "resize" option has been added.

Borehole Imaging - a problem with the symbol color in the QC caliper plot has been fixed.

User Preferences - the pick "deletion confirmation" option can now be set in user preferences.

Borehole Imaging - an option to project picks to a variable azimuth (i.e. HAZI) has been added. This can be done when exporting picks as well.

TS V7.217 21 April, 2011

V7.217 20 April, 2011

General - Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (Microsoft standard) copy and paste functions now work on a single cell of a display table.

General - the sequence has been improved to better handle file conflict situations.  This could sometimes crash TerraStation if a control file was being used by another TerraStation window.

General - a new "curve description" and several new units have been added to the standard configuration.

DLIS Writer - a problem which could cause depth errors when reading TS generated DLIS files in Schlumberger's InfoView program has been fixed.

Petrophysics - RWE has been added as an output option for the Juhasz water saturation analysis.

Dip Analysis - the curve track in Stereonet displays is now annotated with the curve range.

Borehole Imaging- orientation curves for Weatherford CMI data are now computed from the raw data.

IMAGELog- the shale cutoff for pore pressure can now be defined as a variable in the pressure model track.

Sonic Waveform - TerraStation now supports a transmitter above the receiver array with receivers in reverse order.

Sonic Waveform- users can now control the slot name for sonic waveform data.  This option will be available when loading new waveform data.

Sonic Waveform - the "detail frequency spectrum display" now shows all receivers.

Sonic Waveform- band pass corners can now be adjusted graphically in a "grab and move" operation on the frequency spectrum display.

Borehole Imaging - user can now set a preference for disabling the confirmation message when a pick is deleted.

Borehole Imaging - units are now reversed if rescaling the image to 0-1.

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