Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.449 - 26 July, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.449 - 26 July, 2017

Clarity - stereonet grid display and annotation has been improved.

TCL - improved syntax handling to remove spaces from equation (other than spaces within curve or variable names).

Borehole Imaging - CBIL TA images may now use mV as the button measurement unit.

General - the Engineering (ENG) file now contains space for recorded top and bottom depths.

Data Loading - units of CBIL TT images are now forced to be tenths of microseconds, as this is nearly always correct. If you know your units are miscroseconds then set this in the Data Parameters of the Image.

Petrophysics - percentile limits can now be set when displaying 'whisker plot' bar graphs.

Dip Analysis - improve behavior moving from shaded areas of curve using the Next/Prev buttons. Now moves only to zones with picks present, avoiding empty zones.

TS V7.448 - 12 July, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.448 - 12 July, 2017

Data Loading - protection when exporting incorrectly labeled FMI images to DLIS has been added.

Data Loading - error handling has been improved when batch loading LAS data files. The load will continue if possible, and files which have a missing well name field will load using the file name as the well name.

Data Loading - a problem with LAS image selection has been resolved.

Data Loading - an option to skip duplicate curves when loading LAS data is now available.

TS V7.447 - 5 July, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.447 - 5 July, 2017

Borehole Imaging - acceleration QC plots can now be corrected for deviation using the AX and AY data to derive the deviation. Good data will then plot in a circle.

Data Loading - a resume option has been added to the batch LAS loader in case the load operation is stopped by a problematic data file.

TS V7.446 - 28 June, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.446 - 28 June, 2017

Data Loading - a new Auxiliary Well Data option has been added to permit direct batch changes to the well name, UWI, KB, location, etc. This option is called "Fix Well Headers". The old Well Header option is now called "IMAGELog Header Items" to distinguish it from the new option.

Data Loading - exporting of COI and SCOI images to DLIS has been improved.

Petrophysics - a problem with multi well or multi zone ternary diagrams has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - a problem with fitted lines on crossplots with logarithmic displays has been corrected.

Petrophysics - Quick Curve Overview - curves display using line style from Curve properties setting.

TS V7.445 - 21 June, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.445 - 21 June, 2017

Borehole Imaging - the "Change Category" option has been moved from the pick editing panel and converted to a toggle selection.

Data Loading - support has been added for the BHTT3 CBIL TT image mnemonic set.

Data Export - some problems when exporting images from recently added tool types have been fixed.

TS V7.444 - 7 June, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.444 - 07 June, 2017

Borehole Imaging - a problem with the borehole path check box not working in a Structure Profile track has been resolved.

Borehole Imaging - support for wide pad STAR images has been added.

Borehole Viewer - the image is stored in memory to improve performance. We recommend that users use medium resolution to configure the angles and distances, then switch to full resolution.

Petrophysics - EQUUS Conditional operations may now be used in multi-well mode.

TCL - a new SETCOORDS subroutine permits users to set the X and Y well coordinate. One use for this might be to correct coordinates which saved the wrong numeric sign during loading.

TS V7.442 & V7.443 - 24 May, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.443 - 24 May, 2017

General - an audit trail problem when deleting all curves from multiple wells has been fixed.

Borehole Visualization - performance has been improved when doing a borehole visualization. We recommend that you first display the entire well interval, which loads the well trajectory into memory. If you wish to then zoom in on a subsection of the well path, response times will be improved.

Borehole Imaging - a Set Category option has been added to the pick edit modes. This lets you set a series of selected picks to a given category.


TerraStation Version 7.442 - 10 May, 2017

General - bitmap displays have been improved when blowing up the display by a factor of 2 or 4.

General - a user preference has been added to allow users to select wells from a UWI list when using the power bar well list selector.

TCL - a new option has been added, ALIASMERGE. This option lets users merge all curves which match a given curve type into a single curve.  Please refer to the help file or call us for more information.

TS V7.441 - 27 April, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.441 - 27 April, 2017

Borehole Imaging - an option to clip picks by top or bottom depth has been added.

General - some new flow units have been added to the system.

Geopolitical Data Loading - the option to convert pre version 6 geopolitical files into the current format has been removed.

Geopolitical Data Loading - geopolitical maps exported to an ASCII file can now be imported in the loader as well as in the Geopolitical Editor.

TS V7.440 - 12 April, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.440 - 12 April, 2017

Borehole Imaging - options for summarizing the active pick filters, listing visible or non visible picks have been added in a Pick Filter Report section on the Pick Filtering tab of Pick and Breakout options. These reports will help diagnose why some picks may not display as expected in a given track.

Borehole Imaging - button equalization can now be based on a standard deviation range rather than a low/high cutoff value range.

General - some production data curves and units have been added to the system.

Petrophysics - the Thomas Steiber crossplot has been enhanced to provide a matrix point option.

TS V7.439 - 06 April, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.439 - 06 April, 2017

Well Collections - Search for Wells tab. Curve searches can now use the curve alias list to identify wells.

Map Loading - a rare crash when loading map data has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Fast FE. Geologic parameter zones can now be added or removed interactivly using the mouse. You should have the Geologic parameter column displayed.

Petrophysics - Cluster Analysis. A possible memory overflow condition is now prevented when doing cluster analysis.

Petrophysics - Fourier Analysis. Up to 10 harmonics can now be removed from the raw data.

Petrophysics - Normalizing. The 'mean based' Computed normalizing equations can now be applied to the entire interval in the normalizing module.

TS V7.438 - 29 March, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.438 - 29 March, 2017

Borehole Image Processing - a problem with the licensing system that made processing options in borehole imaging inaccessible has been fixed.

Clarity - performance has been improved when drawing graphs containing large numbers of points. (> 2500)

TS V7.437 - 22 March, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.437 - 22 March, 2017

Correlation - Depth Limit options have been modified to better support wells that cross a top multiple times. (I.e. horizontal wells.)

The old Z limit method is now identified as Z Variable (Last), which instructs the program to draw the borehole trace until the lowest instance of a Z multiple occurs.

The new Z limit method is called Z Variable (First), which stops the borehole at the first instance of the given Z.

These methods are for use in TVDSL mode.

Correlation - saved cross section configurations are now identified by map. List selection of saved cross sections will show only ones appropriate for the current map.

Petrophysics - Ternary Diagram - a background color scheme has been added for the Clay/Qtz/Calcite diagram.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - a hyperbolic regression line fit is now available.

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