Release Notes

The release notes give a brief description of any changes made. Green indicates improvements and new capabilities. Red indicates problem resolutions. Boldface entries are operational changes.

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TS V7.439 - 06 April, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.439 - 06 April, 2017

Well Collections - Search for Wells tab. Curve searches can now use the curve alias list to identify wells.

Map Loading - a rare crash when loading map data has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Fast FE. Geologic parameter zones can now be added or removed interactivly using the mouse. You should have the Geologic parameter column displayed.

Petrophysics - Cluster Analysis. A possible memory overflow condition is now prevented when doing cluster analysis.

Petrophysics - Fourier Analysis. Up to 10 harmonics can now be removed from the raw data.

Petrophysics - Normalizing. The 'mean based' Computed normalizing equations can now be applied to the entire interval in the normalizing module.

TS V7.438 - 29 March, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.438 - 29 March, 2017

Borehole Image Processing - a problem with the licensing system that made processing options in borehole imaging inaccessible has been fixed.

Clarity - performance has been improved when drawing graphs containing large numbers of points. (> 2500)

TS V7.437 - 22 March, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.437 - 22 March, 2017

Correlation - Depth Limit options have been modified to better support wells that cross a top multiple times. (I.e. horizontal wells.)

The old Z limit method is now identified as Z Variable (Last), which instructs the program to draw the borehole trace until the lowest instance of a Z multiple occurs.

The new Z limit method is called Z Variable (First), which stops the borehole at the first instance of the given Z.

These methods are for use in TVDSL mode.

Correlation - saved cross section configurations are now identified by map. List selection of saved cross sections will show only ones appropriate for the current map.

Petrophysics - Ternary Diagram - a background color scheme has been added for the Clay/Qtz/Calcite diagram.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - a hyperbolic regression line fit is now available.

TS V7.436 - 08 March, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.436 - 08 March, 2017

Plotting - PostScript plotting can now pick up a "blow up" factor for patterns from the PostScript configuration file pltpst.v70.

Plotting - handling of solid fill has been improved when in vector drawing mode.

Petrophysics - a problem accessing certain borehole corrections has been fixed.

TCL - a problem with the Dresser Atlas 1988 density correction chart has been resolved.

Geopolitical Editor - a problem handling user coordinate values has been fixed.

Data Loading - support has been added for some new Baker mnemonics.

TS V7.435 - 22 February, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.435 - 22 February, 2017

Sonic Waveform - saved frequency dispersion tracks are now displayed at full resolution.

Sonic Waveform - the left scale for frequency dispersion tracks is now user controllable.

Borehole Image Processing - license management has been enhanced to better support environments where there are fewer licenses for Image Processing than there are users.

Data Loading - the search for "standard" company names during LAS loading has been improved. ("Standard" company names are configured in the file tlcrvcmp.v70.)

Petrophysics - Netpay - an option has been added under Detailed Report to capture report results directly to the map file for mapping. You must be set the report Type to Summation Report to be able to do this.

TS V7.434 - 08 February, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.434 - 08 February, 2017

IMAGELog - Well History/Engineering - An outside diameter value can now be saved with SHOE, PERF, PIPE, SQPF (squeezed perf), and TLIN (Top of Liner) entries.

IMAGELog - a new option adds a preference to suppress spacing for missing curves in track headers. This can be activated via a user setting in This may affect curve selection for such things as depth shifting, so it should be considered a beta version. Please contact TERRASCIENCES if you would like to test this feature.

Formation View - when View/Editing Data, a new "Set NULLs" option has been provided. This option permits you to set all values less than A to the specified value of B. (The Null Value in TerraStation is a large negative number.)

IMAGELog - a given pick key can be SAVED or RESTORED so that specific settings may be reused.

Petrophysics - detailed report files in Net Pay can now be produced in multi well mode.

Petrophysics - a problem when using irregular data in crossplots has been resolved.

Data Loading - calipers are now automatically loaded (if present) when loading acoustic images.

TS V7.433 - 25 January, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.433 - 25 January, 2017

Petrophysics - Crossplot - some problems handling RFT data directly from the ENG auxiliary data file have been resolved.

Petrophysics - Net Pay - a new basic reservoir reserves calculator is now available.

TS V7.432 - 11 January, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.432 - 11 January, 2017

TCL - macros with the sequence of renaming a curve, then creating a new curve of the same name, did not work properly. This has been fixed.

Petrophysics - Crossplot - a problem with display ranges being reset during interactions on Pickett and RFT pressure plots has been addressed.

TS V7.431 - 04 January, 2017

TerraStation Version 7.431 - 4 January, 2017

IMAGELog - tadpole track configuration now provides an option to post a tadpole key in the track header.

IMAGELog - after editing a depth shift table, the Shift Table option became deactivated and could not be used. This has been fixed.

TS V7.430 - 14 December, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.430 - 14 December, 2016

IMAGELog - the header for a sonic waveform track can now be vertically oriented.

IMAGELog - a crash condition when doing a left click drag operation on a facies bed boundary in the facies track has been fixed.

IMAGELog - depth label size can now be controlled by the user in the 3D borehole visualizer option.

IMAGELog - a problem with color distribution when using a small number of colors in the color map for a color coded track has been corrected.

General - user control for the screen display logo has been added to the Edit - Preferences - Plotting section of the main menu window.

TS V7.429 - 30 November,2016

TerraStation Version 7.429 - 30 November, 2016

Data Loading - DLIS image mnemonics longer than sixteen characters are now possible.

IMAGELog - Sonic Waveform - a system for customizing the track title for sonic waveform tracks has been added. If the track title is left blank, then the track title will use the Slot Name of the waveform file. If that is not set, then it will use the slot name from the tsswffil.v70 file. If that is missing then it will use the "SWF x" where x is the sonic waveform file number as the track title.

General - users may specify a custom screen logo to appear on the upper right of various petrophysical displays such as histograms, ternary diagrams, crossplots, and bar graphs. This requires an addition to control file in the form of:

      (global (define screen_logo_file "xxxxx.bmp/jpg/tif"));

TS V7.428 - 2 November, 2016

TerraStation Version 7.428 - 02 November, 2016

IMAGELog - Pressure Modeling - the level of interactivity has been changed to offer the user more control over redraws in the Pressure Model track. Redraws may be "Off", "Full, All Curves", or "Stress Models Only".

Petrophysics - Equus - a problem with file handling when copying an equation has been fixed. This also applies to the Map Equus feature in the map module.

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