Sales FAQs

Here are some of the more common questions that are asked in regard to obtaining our TerraStation software and other products. If your question is not shown, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

What platforms does the TerraStation work on?

All Windows based operating systems from Windows XP or higher. This includes Windows 8.

Is TerraStation available under LINUX or UNIX?

No. At this time TerraStation is a Windows only product.

Does the software run in a network environment?

Yes. We provide a license service for running on Windows networks. This allows you to share a single user license over a network.

Is the software modular?

Yes. Everyone has to have the "Base" TerraStation system, but after that you can purchase or rent only the modules you need.

Can I get a trial version of the software?

Yes. You can ask us for a Demo version of the software. This comes with a ready to use data set. The demonstration copy does not allow you to import your own data. Click on the Products menu then choose Request a Demo.

How much is the software?

You can contact us directly for pricing information. The cost of the system will vary depending on which modules you may need.

Do I have to buy the software?

No. We also offer a rental scheme. Users initially sign up for three months, and then can rent by the month. You can switch off the software if you don't think you will need it for a while. When you are ready to use it again, you contact us and we issue you a new license file. We do not provide lease/purchase options for our products. Your options are to buy it, or rent it.

Can I use a dongle to control access to your software?

For TerraStation systems, yes. We can optionally provide a dongle to control user access. The dongle plugs into a spare USB port on your computer. In this way you could put a copy on both your desktop and laptop, and use the dongle to control which machine is the active one. There is a small additional charge for dongle capability. This option is NOT available for network installations.

AutoDidge and TerraDigitizer do not have a dongle option.

How do you provide support for your software?

TERRASCIENCES provides support from our Denver and UK offices during normal business hours. Support is provided to all clients with existing support contracts by phone or email. We can also visit client sites in some cases. We charge a fee for on-site visits.

Do you provide training?

Yes. Training can be provided in a manner suited to the client. There is an additional charge for this.

Do you have an academic discount program?

Yes. Academic licenses are available for colleges and universities providing the software is used only for teaching and/or research purposes. No revenue generating activities may be performed with academic licenses. There is a nominal fee for initial purchase and ongoing maintenance. Contact your local sales office for more information.

What is the Hardware specification to run Terrastation II?

TerraStation runs on any standard PC - desktop or laptop. You need to have Windows XP,NT, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. There are no specific hardware requirements, but a fast disk controller, and if you are planning on a lot of borehole imaging work, two monitors and a large disk capacity are recommended, but not critical.

What is the licensing mechanism for AutoDidge?

AutoDidge is only available as single user licenses. It is licensed via a small security file that is issued by TERRASCIENCES when your purchase is made and verified. It ties the license to a specific computer.

There is no dongle or network licensing available for AutoDidge.

Is TerraStation compatible with 64-bit Windows?

It is. As of this time (May 2013) TerraStation is still a 32-bit executable, but it works perfectly well on 64 bit Windows, and all data files are compatable too. You should not experience any issues running Terrastation on Windows 7 and 8 64 bit